Here’s How Chandigarh Railway Station Ranked in India’s Swachh Rail Survey 2017

Chandigarh’s cleanliness will again be questioned as the Chandigarh Railway station has been ranked 48 in India in the A-1 category of the Swachh Rail survey. The railway stations are divided into categories and the railway stations which contribute more than Rs. 50 crore a year are given an A-1 category.

The railway station which contributes Rs. 6 crore – Rs. 50 crore yearly as passenger revenue are given and A category. Chandigarh was ranked 6th in A-1 category in 2016 and was ranked 32 in the Swachh Rail survey last year. The rankings are based on the passenger’s feedback in the context of the cleanliness at the railway stations.

Chandigarh Railway Station Ranked 48 In The Survey 

The Swachh Rail survey was conducted by QCI (Quality Council Of India) this year. The survey was conducted at 407 railways stations in India which includes 75 A-1 category railway stations and 332 A category railway stations in the country.

The railway station got 661.5 marks out of 1000 and Visakhapatnam secured the first position in the A1 category and got 853.1 marks. Punjab’s Beas railway station was ranked 1st in the A category of the railway stations.

The Divisional Railway Manager of Ambala division said that they are happy as they are ranked second in the A-1 Category and will make efforts to improve.

Know How The Railway Stations Are Evaluated 

There are a lot of factors based on which the railway stations in India are evaluated. The factors include the cleanliness at the railway station parking, at the platform, at the main entry of the station and the waiting area at the station. All these parameters carry 33.33% marks. The members of QCI inspected the railway stations on their own and the assessment had a weightage of 33.3% marks. The last 33.3% marks were given on the basis of passenger feedback.

Chandigarh railway station for 180.4 marks in first evaluation, 209.3 marks for cleanliness of toilets, station, waiting area, provision of drinking water and maintenance of railway tracks. The Chandigarh railway station got 271.7 marks in the passenger feedback evaluation. 300 passengers gave their feedback and the passengers also rated the station’s cleanliness. The survey teams had a face to face interaction with the passengers and asked their feedback.

Source: The Indian Express

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