Chandigarh Raises Upper Age Limit to Apply for a Government Job

Our parents grew up in the era of Government jobs and still many think that a Government job is far better than a private one. Keeping the debate aside here’s an update for everyone who’s looking for a Central Government job in Chandigarh.  Yes, it has been approved 7 the age limits for applying for a government Job has been upgraded. The maximum limit for applying

Chandigarh Administration has raised the maximum age limit to apply for a Government job from 25 years to 37 years. It means that people can now apply for a Government job till the age of 37. However, the lower bar of 18 years remains unchanged.

What Are The New Age Limits:

Previously, people especially youth was agitated for the fact that they could apply for the posts in UT Administration between the age limit of 18-25 years. The upper limit being just 25 years and if you pass over this age, you were not allowed to even apply. This age has now been increased to 37 years. Seemingly, the students and all other types of aspirants are happy about such a decision.

Who ‘Seeded’ the Idea:

This idea was raised by the city MP Kirron Kher in the Lok Sabha. She requested that the center should consider increasing the age limit to apply for a Government Post in Chandigarh. The Center said that being the Internal matter of Chandigarh Authorities, this may be their own decision to do so or not. Later, MP requested the UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore to come forward and consider the idea. Taking the idea forward would mean directing the concerned officers and thereby, preparing the proposal for amendment of the specific tasks.

If we talk about Punjab Government jobs, then the maximum age limit to apply for the same is 37 years. And now same is being done for Chandigarh.

Vacancies in Chandigarh:

There are around 4000 posts that need to be filled. With all those unfulfilled posts, we can hope to have some justice by making them meet up with worthy aspirants. So if you had crossed the age of 25, here’s some hope and you can again apply for the government job vacancies in Chandigarh as and when they are posted.

Source: The Tribune & Image: Indian Express

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