Chandigarh ranks 3rd in India for lowest unemployment rate

Although unemployment in India has been a major concern since long, but it doesn’t seem so in the case of Chandigarh. The unemployment rate in the union territory of Chandigarh is very low making it the 4th lowest among all states and union territories of India. This means that there are very few people who are unemployed in the city. The unemployment rate in Chandigarh is 28 ouMadhyat of every 1000 people.

Labour Bureau which comes under Union Ministry of Labour and Employment has given a complete survey report on unemployment in various states and Union Territories of India for the year 2013-14. According to the report, the unemployment in India has been pegged at 4.9%. This means that out of every 100 literate people, 5 persons are still unemployed in India.

Gujarat, the state of our Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi has been ranked at number one as the state with lowest unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Gujarat is just 12 for every 1000 people. Sikkim has been ranked as the state with maximum unemployment. The unemployment rate in Sikkim is 128 for every 1000 people.

Here is a list of states with the unemployment rate mentioned along with their name: The rate is calculated as the number of persons unemployed per 1000 people in that particular state.

Gujarat = 12

Karnataka = 18

Chandigarh = 28

Maharashtra = 28

Madhya Pradesh = 29

Telangana = 33

Haryana = 48

Delhi = 52

Punjab = 58

Rajasthan = 65

Himachal Pradesh = 75

Source : Unemployment rate in India news


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