Chandigarh Rape Victim Now Attacked With Acid Near PU | Shocking Details Here

The Chandigarh Rape Victim was attacked while on her way to the court for the hearing near Punjab University.

The Chandigarh city possesses a calm and a serene atmosphere but shocking incidents like rapes and acid attacks are taking over at an alarming rate. Recently, a rape survivor was attacked with an acid like chemical while she was proceeding to the court in lieu of the rape case hearing.

Crime against women which is rising on a vast scale is an issue which needs more attention, proper investigation as well as the implementation of stricter rules. Every possible step to ensure the safety of women inside as well as outside their houses is a must and definitely a need of the hour.

Chandigarh Rape Survivor Attacked With Acid Near PU 

The case of the rape of an 18-year-old woman came into the highlight last year. This came into notice when the woman approached the police and filed a rape complaint against a man alleging him of raping her. As per the woman, the man who allegedly raped her was from Jammu and sexually assaulted the woman in a Hotel here in Chandigarh. This incident took place in 2017 and an FIR against the same was lodged in the police station.

On June 4, 2018, when the rape survivor was about to visit the court for the hearing of her case which was lodged last year, she was attacked with an acid like chemical which harmed her eyes as well as her face. The shocking incident is known to have taken place in an area near the Chandigarh Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) as well as Punjab University (PU).

The Number Of Acid Attacks Increase Drastically 

The 18-year-old Chandigarh rape survivor became subject to an acid attack by two unknown men who disappeared after throwing an acid like chemical on the victim. The Chandigarh Police is carrying the investigation for the same. As per the distributed figure, the acid attacks are believed to have surged by a very high percentage beginning from 2012. Sadly, many of these cases are not even reported due to numerous reasons, circumstances and threats of course. The law needs to be firm, immediate and strict when it comes to the safety of the women in the country.


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