Chandigarh Records 157 Challan For Drunken Drive in a Single Night

Chandigarh shockingly recorded maximum 157 drunken drive challans in a single night. As soon as the liquor ban was removed in the city beautiful, the alcohol consumers shrugged off all their apprehension of getting drunk and drive on the city roads.

The Supreme Court on August 30 ordered relaxation on its liquor ban in Chandigarh and the other parts of India, which somehow gave the license to the alcohol drinkers to come on the roads and do the drunken driving. Well, that was not all, Chandigarh liquor consumers made a new record of maximum 157 challans of drunken driving in one single night.

Chandigarh records 157 drunken drive challans in a night

Booking as many as 157 drunken drivers including two women, on the roads in one day, the Chandigarh traffic police have impounded vehicles too. As per the police, the cases of drunken driving has increased than what it was in the previous months. The highest by far, Chandigarh had recorded maximum of 147 challans of drunken driving in a day, in the month of April. But now Chandigarh alcohol lovers have broken its record of Challans on the day of Holi, when the violation of traffic rules and hooliganism is highest with 90 challans in a single day.

Instant nakas & breath analyzers catching violators in Chandigarh

In a bid to keep an eye on drunken drivers who are violating traffic rules in Chandigarh, the police have also beefed up its presence across all major points of the city. Instead of 7-8 nakas, the Chandigarh traffic police has now installed 13 nakas near and outside the bars and pubs that offer complimentary drinks to the customer. Not only this, the UT administration has given 50 new alco-sensors/ breath analyzers to the Chandigarh traffic police to catch hold of the violators and to enforce strict punishment to drunk drivers. Apart from these, Chandigarh traffic police is also geared up for random checking and to install instant nakas to counter Chandigarh-based drunken drive violators who use WhatsApp or Facebook to dodge nakas within the city.

All the documents related to challan are sent to the district courts, Chandigarh in sector 43. With this stern action, the Chandigarh traffic police is trying to keep all sorts of hooliganism at bay in and around Chandigarh and give away the message to the citizens that drunken driving and risking lives on the roads will not be tolerated at all in the city. Those who violate Motor Vehicle Act will be termed for jail of six months or with fine of Rs 2,000 or both.



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