Dengue Count Reaches 258 in Chandigarh, Holidays for Doctors Cancelled at Hospitals

The total count of Dengue cases has reached to 258 in Chandigarh. All the big and renowned hospitals have cancelled the holidays for doctors to cater the medical needs of the dengue patients coming for treatment from all across Chandigarh. The health department of Chandigarh UT has directed the Malaria Department across all hospitals to work aggressively and have set the fixed rate for Dengue, Malaria and Chickengunia tests.

Chandigarh in high rise with dengue patients

With the hot and humid rainy weather comes various diseases and illness caused by the bacteria and virus spread in the environment. Similarly, the rainy weather that kicked off last month also created favourable conditions for the breeding of dengue spreading mosquitoes, which is leading to higher number of patients in Chandigarh suffering from Dengue. The anti-malaria officer, UT, said Rs 650 had been fixed for the dengue test. All medical institutions and labs had been informed not to overcharge from patients

The menace of dengue in Chandigarh has emerged so much in the period of one month and so on that the hospitals are flooded with dengue patients on daily basis. That is the reason why the anti-malaria officer of Chandigarh UT has cancelled the holidays of all the doctors in the renowned government hospitals across the city and has set Rs 650 as the fixed rate for dengue test. In fact, all the medical institutions along with the laboratories and diagnostic centres have been instructed to not overcharge patients who come for dengue test.

Chandigarh Health Department’s measures to deal with dengue menace

Apart from this, the government hospital at Mani Majra that alone has registered 100 dengue cases has been deployed with a special team of 15 doctors to deal with the menace. The higher number of dengue -malaria cases are reportedly coming from the areas of Mauli Jagran, Khuda Ali Sher, Khuda Lahora and Ram Darbar.

Talking about the awareness of the dengue disease, the UT health department is urging people to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings and by not letting water to get stagnant for a longer period. As accumulated water helps in the breeding of mosquitoes.



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