Chandigarh to Start Odd-Even Parking Scheme in Residential Areas

Chandigarh, the city beautiful is globally known for its urban planning and infrastructure but from a few years, the city has increased its per capita vehicles, which is a matter of concern in the residential areas and creates a lot of chaos on a daily basis. To deal with such chaotic circumstances the UT Administration is planning to start odd-even parking system across the city to have a seamless network of inner roads within the areas for residential purposes.

Chandigarh to begin odd-even parking in residential areas

The odd-even parking in Chandigarh will follow the concept of alternate side parking that can let the smooth flow of the traffic near residential sectors. The cars can be parked on one side of the road on even calendar days while on odd calendar days, residents will be allowed to park their cars on the other side. The odd-even parking system will allow residents to park their cars on a particular side of the street on the day allotted to them. The alternate side parking will be only implemented on roads that are wide while parking will be strictly prohibited on the roads that are narrow.

Policy drafted for odd-even parking system in Chandigarh

The parking system policy has been drafted by the Urban Planning Department of Chandigarh and has been sent to the UT administrator for approval. To make the plan worthwhile and a long lasting one, Chandigarh UT Administration will work on guiding residents of the city to purchase only those number of vehicles which can be accommodated in the parking spaces allotted to them by their society. UT Administration is likely to take assistance from Chandigarh Police to keep a check on the effective enforcement of odd-even parking system within the city.

The odd-even parking system will also emphasize on upgrading the transportation within the city via last-mile connectivity. To support the system the CTU is strategising to start with e-rickshaws across Chandigarh for dropping people at their respective home.

We hope that the UT Administration soon begins with the odd-even parking system across the city as it will help commuters with a seamless network of inner and outer main roads.


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