Chandigarh Administration Resumes Affixation of High Security Number Plates | Registration Series, Price & More…

Chandigarh Administration has resumed the affixation process of High Security Number Plates (HSRPs) in Chandigarh for the vehicles registered under the RLA (Registration and Licensing Authority), Chandigarh. The affixation of  HSRPs (High Security Registration Plates) have been resumed in Chandigarh after a gap of more than one-a-and-half-year.

Challaning of vehicles in Chandigarh too might come into action 

After a gap of about one-and-a-half-year, the Chandigarh Administration has resumed affixation of the high security number plates in the new vehicles registered in Chandigarh.  The service was launched at the RLA office in Chandigarh recently. Earlier, during the time-off phase of the high-security number plates that ended about one-and-a-half-year, the Chandigarh Traffic Police was also not issuing challans to the drivers, driving the vehicles without affixing the high-security number plates.

As per the report, the Traffic Police, Chandigarh, will be asked to commence the process for challaning the vehicles in case the vehicle owners do not get HSRP plates affixed to their vehicles. Owners getting their vehicles registered under the Chandigarh number will have to apply for the affixation of HSRPs (high security registration plates) at their respective RLA offices. Applying for the affixation of HSRPs will be done on the basis of the road tax receipt.

Which vehicles will be affixed with HSRPs and Where?

It has been reported that in the initial stage, the administration will start affixing High Security Registration Plates only for new vehicles. This will include both the private as well as the commercial vehicles. These new vehicles will be registered in Chandigarh only at four notified locations.

Vehicle owners can apply for the High Security Number Plates (HSRPs) at the offices of Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA), Chandigarh in Sector 17; SDM(South), Sector 42; SDM (East), Industrial Area, Phase I, Chandigarh; and at the office of the State Transport Authority in Sector 18, Chandigarh. As of now, the vehicles with previous registered series will not require the affixation of the HSRPs immediately but these vehicles will be taken up shortly.

Price of the High Security Number Plates (HSRPs)

The Chandigarh Administration has revised the prices of the HSRPs and under the revised rates that have been approved by the Chandigarh Administration, now the residents getting HSRPs affixed to their vehicles will have to shell out Rs 160 for two-wheelers and Rs 365 for four-wheelers.

Source: The Tribune


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