Chandigarh MC Will Now Be Charging High For Garbage Disposal | Check Charges Details

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and the Safai Karamcharis have recently set up a uniform rate of charges that every citizen will have to pay every month for the collection of the waste from their doorsteps. The charges range from Rs 200 to Rs 2,000 per month. So, now the citizens of Chandigarh will need to brace up their monthly budgets more as some more bills are going to make their way to their letter boxes very soon.

Chandigarh Ranked 11th In Cleanliness Survey

In this year’s Swachh Survekshan 2017 Survey, Chandigarh has been ranked 11th in regards of urban cleanliness out of 500 cities which are far too behind in comparison to the last year when it was ranked 3rd.

The latest survey rankings have forced the Municipal Administration of Chandigarh into thinking new ways of making the city more cleaner and better than it was ever before.

The Corporation has come up with the idea of waste segregation under which citizens will have to put their waste into two different dustbins before handing it over to the waste collectors.

Setting Up Charges For Waste Collection

Before taking up the system of garbage segregation the Chandigarh MC is thinking of making the collection of garbage in Chandigarh more sustainable and steady. And for that, the MC has decided to put up charges on the door-to-door garbage pickup service.

The charges for garbage collection will vary accordingly in residential areas, commercial areas and educational institutions. So the setup of the charges would be this way:


  • 10 marla house – Rs 150 p/m
  • More than 10 marla house – Rs 200 p/m
  • Less than 10 marla – Rs 125 p/m
  • Less than 7 marla – Rs 100 p/m
  • Type 9, 10, 11 houses – Rs 100 p/m
  • Type 12 & 13 houses – Rs 50 p/m
  • Residents on F/F of SCF – Rs 100 p/m

Commercial & Educational

  • Large Hotels & Cinemas – Rs 2,000 p/m
  • Schools – Rs 500 p/m
  • Vet Hospital – Rs 1,000 p/m
  • Dharamshalas – Rs 500 p/m


  • Juice Shop, Paan Shop & Chaat Shop – Rs 100 p/m
  • Small Restaurants situated on the G/F – Rs 150 p/m
  • General SCO or SCF – Rs 100 p/m


  • Small hotel situated on G/F – Rs 250 p/m
  • Hotel situated on F/F & S/F – Rs 200 p/m
  • Booth owners – Rs 50 p/m
  • Petrol Pump Owner- Rs 250 p/m
  • Taxi Stand Owner – Rs 150 p/m
  • Creche Owner – Rs 100 p/m

The Chandigarh MC’s Joint Commissioner Manoj Khatri believes that once the waste collection of the city will become systematic the waste segregation program will also prove effective in the long run. The policy of putting charges on waste collection will make the garbage disposal proper everywhere in the city.

Moreover, the Chandigarh MC is also looking forward to installing solar power plants over atleast 45 community centres across the city that would cost around Rs 10.26 crores in total.


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