Sale of Items Related to Army Banned In Chandigarh

Chandigarh Administration has recently put up a ban on selling items that have Army Prints, especially the Indian Para Forces. The Administration has ordered to stop items related to Army like cloth, stickers, uniform, flag and logo for at least two months.

What’s the Ban for?

It has been seen that people often wear clothes printed in the Para Forces print and they are easily mistaken as an Army personnel. Moreover, the sale of Army printed items are so common that it can help any kind of Anti-social elements, like terrorists to impersonate as an Army man and perform an illegal activity.

Thus, the Chandigarh Administration in order to keep a stern eye on the terrorist activity has stopped the widespread sale of the Army items. The badges and flags printed with the police and parliamentary forces icons have also been banned.

The Sellers and Buyers

Between the next two months, the violators of the precautionary measures set up by the Chandigarh Administration will be charged under the Section 188 of the Penal Code.

The sellers will need to keep a record or an identity proof of the customer who will involve in the purchasing of an Army related items.

Source: LBB

Chandigarh Administration and the Army Ban

The Chandigarh Administration is taking this step of banning the fake Army related items for the sake of public safety and to avoid any terrorist activity.

The Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh, Ajit Balaji Joshi proved the ban important by giving a statement in which he informed that ” To keep the citizens of Chandigarh safe it is important to prevent any illegal activity and take precautionary measures against it. Therefore, banning of the Army related items is a precautionary step to prevent people guessing as an Army staff from interrupting the peace of the city.”

Chandigarh Administration’s official spokesperson informed that “in order to protect human lives and avoid any harm to people and keep them safe from any terrorist attack the step taken was very necessary.”

Moreover, he added that “terrorist attacks break the peace and disturb the public tranquillity. And it has been seen that even in the past many terrorists have misused the Army uniforms, stickers, logos, flags, etc to execute terror attacks.

Source: The Statesman

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