Chandigarh Schools Might Get UT Pool Of 85% Quota For Class XI Admissions | Know Details Here

Chandigarh Schools running under the UT Education Department is considering to get 85% quota in Class XI for students residing in Chandigarh city. The Chandigarh quota also called as the UT Pool is already enjoyed by the students who aim for admissions at college level in Chandigarh based colleges of education under the UT Education Department. The UT Pool makes candidates who are residing in Chandigarh city to have 85% quota in gaining admissions into prestigious Chandigarh based institutions. This proposal has been considered by the authorities to extend the same norm from colleges to school levels especially while fetching admissions in Class XI.

Chandigarh Schools Might Get UT Pool Of 85% Quota For Class XI Admissions | Know Why

Chandigarh based schools in the city went through a tough phase while carrying out the extensive admission procedure for Class XI students. The students aim to get admissions into prestigious Chandigarh schools come not only from Chandigarh region but also from nearby regions like Panchkula, Mohali and even from distant places to gain advantage of strong curriculum and norms followed in UT Schools. In order to avoid the chaos that happened last year where number of applicants seeking admissions into Class XI in UT Schools outnumbered the vacant seats available making the department accommodate them by increasing the number of seats in certain institutions in Chandigarh. As a consequence of this move, the student to teacher ratio in the city based schools got disrupted.

Parents also protested by raising their voices in the delay that happened due to the scenario hampering the studies of many students of Class 11th. Introducing the UT Pool 85% quota system at the Chandigarh school level shall avoid the chaos of many students who could not gain admissions in Chandigarh schools in Class XI and the proposal in its first stage has been welcomed by the parents and authorities as well.

Chandigarh Schools On 85% Quota For Class XI Admissions | What School Authorities Have To Say

Well, a lot of schools from Chandigarh tricity region like Panchkula & Mohali suffered huge losses in terms of losing out on strength of students in Class XI from the students who pass out from Class X from the same schools as major proportion of the students prefer to take admissions in Chandigarh Schools in Class 11th. This practice makes schools of nearby region to lose out strength and simultaneously put burden on the shoulders of schools situated in Chandigarh city where applicants seeking admissions into Class 11th in Chandigarh schools surpass the vacancies available.

The proposal of introducing UT pool of 85% quota at the school level shall not only reduce the burden on Chandigarh schools’ admission process and revision of norms but also aid the schools of nearby regions to have a reasonable strength in their institutions in Class 11th. Another big advantage of providing 85% quota to Chandigarh residents shall enable students to gain admissions in Class XI near their residences reducing their commutation time from home to school.

Well, the education city Chandigarh never fails to surprise us with their wise proposals and even better decisions taken for the benefit of students and society as a whole !!! Let us hope and pray that the proposal gets promoted into a decision without affecting the peace & harmony in the education norms adopted in Chandigarh city.

Source : TOI


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