Chandigarh to Have a Share-Bicycle System | Project Coming Soon

Chandigarh’s cycle lovers will have one more reason to love the city. The city beautiful is heading towards major developments just like any foreign country. Chandigarh’s municipal corporation will soon start a share-bicycle project. Municipal Corporation was given a detailed presentation by the two firms for the share-bicycle project in Chandigarh.

The two firms who submitted a proposal to the Municipal Corporation for the Share-bicycle project in Chandigarh are All India Bicycle Federation and Nextbike, Hero Cycles. An RFP (Request for Proposal) has been prepared based on the presentation which was received by the Municipal Corporation. The MC has invited various companies for implementing the project.

Share-Bicycle In Chandigarh 

The share-bicycle project in Chandigarh will have approximately 600 bicycle stations at various locations in the city. There will be about 10,000 bicycles in the share-bicycle project in Chandigarh. The officials said that the security features are being looked into and Chandigarh is the perfect city to launch this project as the city as a lot of space for bicycle tracks.

The MC commissioner of Chandigarh said that the share-bicycle project is at an initial stage. He said that the MC had a meeting with the companies and they showed them the presentation. As per the presentation, there will 600 bicycle stations in Chandigarh around various business and tourist areas, educational institutes, service places.

The Upcoming Share-Bicycle Project In Chandigarh 

The idea behind the share-bicycle project in Chandigarh that all the people like students, workers, professionals, office going people can use the service. The project is at an initial stage, discussions on the fee charges, systems required to run the project are being discussed. As per sources, the fees would be affordable so that maximum people are able to use the service.

The service might be free for the initial few minutes and people would be charged with a few rupees after that. The people will have to register and later will be issued cards to avail the share-bicycle facility. The company which will be running the share-bicycle project in Chandigarh will be allowed advertising rights. The bicycle-sharing project has been running in the different cities of the world. No company in India has been running such a project, however, a bicycle facility project in Hyderabad has also been proposed. The Chandigarh  Municipal Corporation will call a tender to select the company to run the share-bicycle project.

Chandigarh has 82km of bicycle tracks and 90 km of new bicycle tracks will be covering the city.

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