Chandigarh Shivers at 2.4 Degree Celsius | Shimla at -3.2 Degrees

The city beautiful Chandigarh shivers in the coldest night of the year on Tuesday. The minimum temperature that was recorded in the city was 2.4ºC, that was marked as the lowest temperature of the year. The recorded temperature of the city on Tuesday was 3 degree below the normal. Whereas the maximum temperature of Chandigarh has been recorded 16.1ºC that is 5 degree below the normal. Met department assumes that the temperature will go down in the coming days and rain is also expected this weekend in the city.

According to Met

Meteorological Department forecasted that the temperature is expected to fall more further and the people of the city will have to suffer more cold. It is due to the melting snow at Shimla that Chandigarh is experiencing the chilly wind after the sunny days also.

  • The dry weather will continue for the next 2 days.
  • Temperature will dip further to 2ºC on 12 January 2017
  • It is expected that Chandigarh will experience some rain in this weekend.
  • The lowest ever night temperature for January was 0ºC in the year 2008.

After the hailstorm on 8th January, the temperature has fallen down but that was only the trailer as because temperature will decrease more in the city. And it is not expected that the people will get relief from the cold wind in upcoming days.

Shimla freezes at -3.2ºC and its difficulties

The nearest hill of Chandigarh, Shimla also experienced the coldest night breaking the of last six years. The temperature of Shimla that was recorded on the last night was -3.2ºC, that is said to be the coldest in the last 6 years. Shimla also received some fresh snowfall on Tuesday that has decreased the temperature.

  • Residents of Shimla fights the cold in the dark as their is no electricity in many regions of the place.
  • Roads are still covered with snow.
  • No water supply because of the frozen pipes in the city.
  • Rush of the tourist has also been decreased due to the snowfall.

The residents of Shimla is coming down to Chandigarh to get a relief from their difficulties like electricity, water and their daily needs. With the coming days, it is expected that the difficulties of the people of Shimla will increase more with the decrease in temperature.

Chandigarhians be ready with your sweaters, jackets, shawls and much more to keep yourself warm as the city is all set to experience more cold in the upcoming days. Enjoy the chilly winds with hot drinks and foods.


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