Chandigarh Smart City | Here’s How This French Firm Wants to Make Our City Smart

After Chandigarh being shortlisted as the one city to undergo Smart City project by Union urban development ministry, French firm Egis International has been selected as consultants to aid the city undergo this amazing transformation process. The Smart City project, since its announcement has been taken by the authorities so seriously that it is creating buzz around the vicinity for quite sometime now.

About Egis International

The french firm that has its office in India based in the Gurgaon, Haryana which is a part of Delhi NCR is known for its commendable works and specialisation in the field of transport engineering and urban development. Known to have provided economic and institutional advice to over a 100 countries worldwide, Egis International would be given allotment letter by April 15, 2017 to commence the process officially.

How did this happen?

In a meeting that was held by the the board of directors of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) on Thursday, it was decided to hire the french firm as the Project Management Consultants for proper execution of the entire project. The decision has been taken up by the concerned authorities after nine months of Chandigarh being announced as the next target under scrutiny of the Smart City Project. The committee constituting of these board of directors of SPV was formed right after the declaration of Chandigarh as the shortlisted city for the project in June 2016.

Transformation Plans for Chandigarh

Under the able guidance of this french firm Egis International, the city would certainly be benefited and this what the plan looks like :

  • Work to be executed in 6 sectors of 1st phase
  • Area-based development approach
  • Sectors 16, 17, 19, 22, 35 and 43 under scrutiny
  • focus on smart parking
  • 24×7 water supply
  • Smart metering for electricity and water connection
  • Bicycle tracks
  • Street light installation
  • Disabled-friendly sidewalks, developing parks
  • Upgradation of 5 sewage treatment plants

Money Matters

  • Rs 500 crore allotted to upgrade of 5 sewage treatment plants
  • Rs 71 crore allotted against expected Rs 200 crores
  • Rs 400 crore in total promised to be spent
  • Rs 200 crores to be contributed by UT
  • Potable water: Rs 30 crore
  • Waste water: Rs 22 crore
  • Storm water drain: Rs 2 crore
  • Power: Rs 165 crore
  • Solid waste management: Rs 113 crore

Sector 43 to get pampered the most, here’s how?

There’s a reason for this pampering session for Sector 43. The un-utilised vacant space near ISBT amounts to whopping 71 acres which is untapped to its potential as of now.

  • 90% of the funds to be spent here
  • Rs 5600 whopping crores to be allocated
  • An art museum
  • Office space for incubation and skill development centre
  • An iconic arena
  • Hotels
  • An exhibition centre
  • Hostel facility
  • Children’s playground
  • Integrated broadway
  • Services apartments
  • Gallery
  • Affordable housing
  • Convention centre

Apart from all this, the list just doesn’t end here. Creation of open spaces, car free zones having street cafes and market is also on the cards for the executing agency whose experience claims to make a compact and mixed- use development facility in this sector.

UT Administration to join hands for the Project 

Joining hands with the french firm, UT Administration also has services to offer in various planning departments like engineering, urban planning, estate office, tourism besides Government Museum.  Not only services but a whopping  Rs. 200 crore financial contribution for the cause is a commendable act by the administration to go forth with the project.

Chandigarh proudly boasts of being an architecturally designed first urban planned city of independent India and lagging behind cities like Ludhiana, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Mysuru and Bhopal, it surely has great target to achieve.

But competing against all odds with these contemporaries of Modern India, Isn’t it an achievement in itself? We, as Chandigarhians surely believe it is, rest let us see how the city transforms after the project completion. Till then All Hail Development !!!

Image: UrbanDigest

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