UT Forms an Organization ‘Chandigarh Smart City Ltd’ to Implement Smart City Project

The air of anger that the city beautiful couldn’t make it for the list of Smart cities, had recently set down as Chandigarh was able to make it to the list of 13 cities going to be considered for the second phase. Now the Chandigarh administration is all set to make its mark and doesn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

Recently a meeting was held between the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Home Secretory of Chandigarh, Anurag Aggarwal. Discussions were held over the initiatives being taken by the organisation under different sectors be it – green buildings, young Indians, international linkages, skill development, business development, CSR and affirmative action or policy advocacy.

Chandigarh Smart City Limited

For the accomplishment of the smart city dream, a Special Purchase Vehicle (SPV) has been constituted. No its not a vehicle, as you might have guessed, but is a team of people responsible to ‘drive’ the Smart City project ahead. The SPV is basically a government organization (or treat it as a registered company) by the name of ‘Chandigarh Smart City Ltd’.

The roles assigned to the SPV are planning, management, approving, financing, implementing, operating, monitoring and evaluation of the smart city solutions across the city. Its a public sector company,  a joint venture between the Municipal Corporation and the Chandigarh Administration, both sharing an equal equity of 50 per cent each. UT  Advisor, Parimal Rai has been made the chairman while Municipal Commissioner, Baldeo Purushartha has been made the CEO of Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

Chandigarh administration has also come up with a mobile app named Smart Chandigarh to act as bridge between citizens and the government.

One major issue which is being raised as of now for Chandigarh Smart City Project is that Sukhna Lake & Rock Garden have not being covered under the Smart City Plan. Being world famous tourist spots, something should be done to make these places better. However, the old Government Press Glass Building in Sector 18 has been included in the Smart City plan.

Come, say with us – Good Going Chandigarh! See you as a Smart City soon!


Abhishek Tuteja

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