5 Smart City Projects Launched in Chandigarh & You Need to Know These

UT administrator VP Singh Badnore along with Kiran Kher the MP from Chandigarh launched 5 new projects for Chandigarh under smart city project on Sunday. It was the second anniversary of the smart city mission launched by the Union ministry of urban development and Chandigarh which was declared as a smart city in the second list is still celebrating.

Chandigarh Smart City Projects

Five new projects were launched under mission smart city project at PEC University of Technology, Sector 12. The new smart city projects launched on Sunday include:

  • A dedicated cycle track shared with footpath at the Vigyan Path.
  • A smart city operations centre at PEC, Sector 12
  • Smart parking at Sector 17
  • A proposed urban park behind Neelam Cinema, Sector 17, Chandigarh
  • The construction of a subway connecting Sector 17 to the Rose Garden

Chandigarh did not come in the first list of the smart cities which was announced in 2015. It was declared in the smart city’s second year’s list in 2016, after submitting revised plan before the ministry of urban development.

What Will Change in Chandigarh

Besides an investment of a humongous Rs 5,900 crore, smart city Chandigarh will require a lot of work along with a change in residents lifestyle. Here’s a detail along with an overview of the first bouquet of projects launched under the Chandigarh Smart City Mission.

Project 1:  Dedicated cycle tracks

A dedicated cycle tracks shared with footpath is major project planned by administration of Chandigarh under mission Chandigarh smart city. It will involve the construction of  90-km cycle tracks in Chandigarh at cost of Rs 18 crore.

The Vigyan Path (the road dividing Sectors 4 and 9) work on 9.2-km cycle track has been completed. This cycle track has been opened for the Chandigarh residents, while work is in progress in the remaining areas. The total expenditure incurred on this cycle track was nearly Rs 1.40 crore. The remaining project is expected to be completed by December 2017.

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Project 2: A smart city operations centre at PEC, Sector 12

The Command control city operations centre, PEC is one of the major projects listed under Chandigarh smart city mission. The command centre will record data of various activities on daily basis. The centre will be responsible for recording functioning of electricity poles, the traffic movement, functioning of CCTV cameras installed across the city roads and other areas. It will also record and monitor the proper function of garbage carrying vehicles and transportation of garbage to its exact location.

Chandigarh Smart City Project 3: Smart parking at Sector 17

Book your parking slot before you move out of home. Yes! Smart parking project being implemented under Chandigarh smart city project by Chandigarh administration will make this possible. Under this project, the existing paid parking lots of the city will be turned to smart paid parking lots. The ticketing will be done by electronic machines and will be connected to a central server. The users would be will to see parking space availability and can book their slot beforehand.

Project 4: Urban park behind Neelam Cinema, Sector 17, Chandigarh

Chandigarh smart city another big project is the construction of Urban Park thrice as big as Elante Mall to the rear of Neelam Cinema, Sector 17. The 60 acre on the rear of Neelam Cinema will be developed into a park with a seating capacity of 2,500. The project is entitled with the construction of an amphitheatre with a capacity of 200 people, three open badminton courts, food court and children’s play area. The project will cost Rs. 11.50 crore and is expected to be complete within 12 months.

Project 5: Subway connecting Sector 17 to the Rose Garden

The administration has planned to construct a Subway connecting Sector 17 to Rose Garden under mission Chandigarh smart city. 1.5 acre of land will be used to construct a pedestrian underpass connecting Sector 17 -Plaza and Sector 16 -Rose Garden. Murals will be placed on the underpass wall. The work for this project is under progress and is expected to be complete within nine months i.e. by March, 2018. The project will cost around 7 crore. Golf carts and e-rickshaws will be made available for the commuters.

Our Beautiful City Chandigarh on its way to becoming a Smart City soon. Cheers!

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