Chandigarh Student Joins ‘Friendship Club’ – Loses Amount Of Rs. 4 Lakhs In Fraud

In an upsetting incident which happened recently, a B.Sc student from Chandigarh happened to lose an amount of Rs. 4 lakhs to a group of people who were running a ‘friendship club’. As per the official statements and reports released, the Chandigarh based final year student of the B.Sc field went through an advertisement in the newspaper which promised to help people earn money every month in between the amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.

After reading the advertisement, the Chandigarh student went keen on calling the number which was stated in the advertisement in order to begin working and thus earn good money.

Chandigarh Students Loses 4 Lakhs For Becoming Gigolo 

Advertisements can be misleading and can lead to a lot of losses as well. A recent incident which happened with a B.Sc student in Chandigarh is somewhat the same where the student lost a near about amount of Rs. 4 lakhs in order to become a gigolo and thus earn an amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 on an everyday basis.

The ‘friendship club’ in which the student was trying to get enrolled in was run by a group of fraud people who asked him to pay various amounts in respect to the membership fees, the cost of the medical tests which were supposed to be undergone as well as the security deposits and much more. The total added up forming an amount of Rs. 3.8 lakhs approximately. The Chandigarh student did not have the amount to be paid so he borrowed it from his friends and after receiving the money from him, the group of people flew and subsequently stopped taking his calls. This was when the student approached the cops and they¬†took action against the same.

Chandigarh Cyber Cell Police Arrests One

The initial stage of this fraud incident took place in the month of May 2018 in Chandigarh when the student showed interest in the advertisement and called on the displayed number. He received a call sometime, a week later by a man named Arjun. Further, he was given details of the ‘friendship club’ that high profile women, as well as models and the college going girls, were a part of the group and he could earn a good amount of money by befriending the group members.

He was assured of the privacy of his personal life and when he made all the demanded payments, the group of people stop taking his calls and then he approached Chandigarh police in the month of June 2018. Chandigarh Cyber Cell Police as of now has arrested one person named Krishan Kumar from Kurukshetra who is in judicial custody.


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