The Chandigarh SWAG | 11 Things That Define Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the city beautiful is not just about great architecture, greenery or cleanness. The city is more about its people and its SWAG. If you ask what is love to someone in Chandigarh, the only answer you’ll hear back is ‘Love is living in Chandigarh’. Well, for those not belonging to Chandigarh, we may say that Love is being in Chandigarh, but it has a literal meaning.

Chandigarh is the heart of Punjab. Cool attitude, a different SWAG and a pure Punjabi style all go together with Chandigarh. Residents of Chandigarh are mad about food and style (u know what I mean “the khaint look”). Yeah right! If you are going out you have to look ‘khaint’ (for boys) or wear that ‘tootta’ look (for girls). One of the best cities in India to live in, Chandigarh has its own SWAG. Let’s list out some points that define the SWAG of Chandigarh.

The Gedi Route

Yes! Chandigarh has a special geri route. Secor 8,9,10 and 11. A visit to the city is incomplete if you haven’t seen the ronak at gedi route during evening hours. It is the best time pass for city youngsters. Did I mention that it is one of the best place for girls and boys to stalk each other.

yaari-chandigarh-waliye-ranjit-bawaPunjabi Songs

Ah, You knew this! No Punjabi song can be a hit without the mention of the word “Chandigarh” or maybe without it being shot in the city. Punjabi songs have added to the Chandigarh SWAG all through the recent years. From the times of Chandigarh kare Aashqui to Chandigarh Walie…. you know what I mean…

Nature of People

Many think that people of Chandigarh are reserved. Well it is but for strangers and they’ll never be able to understand the real world inside Chandigarh. The SWAG is so different that no one can match it. Well, if we talk about the people of Chandigarh, no one can be as charming, as sweet, and as stylish, as polite and as cute as Chandigarhians.

Guys with Turban / Beard

How can we forget the punjabi touch in looks? Tall handsome hunks with turban are the stars of the city. If not with turban, trimmed beard is surely a thing that defines the SWAG of Chandigarh.

Love for Royal Enfield / Open Jeep

Chandigarh guys are totally obsessed with bullet motorcycle. Oh sorry it is called “bultt”. Classy cars, open jeeps with alloys, expensive sound systems will always be on the road to catch your eye. Oh you didn’t find any open jeep. Actually they are banned, But do watch them out during late night when there are no police walas or inside the PU campus. Yo! that’s Punjabi style!

Chandigarh-girls-fashionChandigarh’s Fashionable Girls

Kudiyan… just another thing, Chandigarh is famous about. Being creative with their looks, Chandigarh girls have the ability to catch your eye. Hot western wear one day and a pure Punjabi suit on another day, you’ll be stunned to see the change. Ahann that’s isn’t a big deal, you know it’s the JATTI Swag!!

Total Foodies – Paneer & Chicken (Eat out Swag)

One can find the most delicious Punjabi food in Chandigarh. be it be veg with Shahi Paneer or non veg with Butter Chicken, Chandigarh is famous for people who love to eat out.

The Pind Connection

Apart from senior citizens who own a house in Chandigarh, almost all the young crowd lives in paying guests. No, paying guests are not the swag, but the point here is that everyone has a pind (native village) to talk about.

Sector 17, Chandigarh

12725121_1511157342522748_94968316_nDespite big malls like Elante, Sector 17 is still a talking topic and a hot spot. Yes! Because people love it. The atmosphere, random shows, popcorn and ice cream, fountain, lights, fresh air – each and every thing about sector 17 is lovely.

The Punjabi Words

Kidan 22? Wadiya? How’s apni hon wali Bhabi? Gedi, khaint, vehlle, hor fer, patola… I can go on and on. Kuch tusi v soch lawo. Ah, even if you belong to a Hindi speaking family, you’lll not be able to resist such words in college or with friends. That’s again what we call the Chandigarh Swag.

Vehlli Janta

No matter if you are in a college or working at an office, the only word associated with everyone is “Vehle”. No matter how busy a person is, they always belong to the vehli janta tag.

Chandigarh, the city Beautiful is all about friends, food, SWAG and the so called desi life style. If you live in Chandigarh once, you’ll never be able to live anywhere else in the world. People live here the way they want, no matter what others think. And yes, we got our own CHANDIGARH SWAG.

This post has been compiled by Rama Choudhary and has been edited by Ajay Deep.

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Rama Choudhary

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