Showcase: Chandigarh Tableau | Republic Day Parade 2016 at Rajpath, New Delhi

Chandigarh got a chance to showcase the beauty & culture of the city to the entire world through Republic Day Parade 2016 in New Delhi. Earlier, the Chandigarh Administration had prepared the tableau design which was selected by the Central Government for 2016 parade.

People of Chandigarh who were sitting as guests at Rajpath to witness the live parade were excited to see the Chandigarh Tableau. As a matter of pride, they stood up when Chandigarh tableau went past them.

Chandigarh Tableau at Republic Day Parade

The highlights of Chandigarh Tableau:

  • chandigarh-tableau-republic-day-2016-paradeOpen Hand Monument with revolving Open Hand Replica.
  • High Court Building
  • Secretariat Building
  • Gardens & Parks with bench
  • A man reading newspaper
  • People doing exercises
  • People doing yoga.
  • Cycling Graphic Art
  • And More…

 The Chandigarh tableau also carried a portrait picture of Le Corbusier and Nek Chand’s creations from waste as in Rock Garden.

The design of the tableau was good but many people were not happy about the activities that were shown. People criticized about it on Twitter as soon as they saw Chandigarh tableau on TV. Whatever it may be, Chandigarh is the city beautiful through Republic Day parade 2016, Chandigarh showcased itself not just to entire nation but to the world.


Ajay Deep

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