At 9 Degrees Chandigarh & Amritsar Were Colder Than Shimla Last Weekend | Here’s Why

In what seemed like a surprising change of weather towns of Chandigarh and Amritsar were colder than Shimla last weekend. The state capital of Himachal Pradesh recorded a temperature of 10.6°C while Chandigarh witnessed a temperature of 9°C around noon. The lap of Himalayas was warmer than the plains of Punjab while the towns like Amritsar suffered in the severe cold at 6.8°C.

What brings the sudden change of weather in Chandigarh?

Well the weather experts believe that the temperature of Chandigarh and other areas of Punjab were normal but the hilly areas of Shimla were warmer due to the formation of something called the ‘inversion layer’ in the atmosphere. The inversion layer apparently forms in the sky and the temperature rises with an increase in height. The experts also said that the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh like Shimla witnessed longer hours of Sunlight which was not the case for neighbouring cities of Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Amritsar.

Another expert Surinder Pal said that the weather in Shimla was cloudy while the sky was pretty clear in Chandigarh. Clear skies mean lower temperatures while the clouds help in maintaining the temperature of the area. Chandigarh might have been colder than Shimla but temperatures in cities like Manali are hitting rock bottom with the lowest being 0.4°C. There are no chances of rain in the area till the 30th of November and this trend in Chandigarh weather may continue till then.

Not the first time it happened

The temperature of Chandigarh has often been lower than that of Shimla as it has happened in the months of November-December before on different occasions. The last occasion when it happened was as recent as 2014 when the temperature of Chandigarh was a notch lower than that of Shimla while in 2010 too, the lowest temperature of Chandigarh city was lower than that of hill capital at 5.2°C.

The difference in temperatures between the two cities is likely to remain unless there is a chance of rain which is predicted for November 30th. Also to add to the weather problems of the Chandigarh city, the experts predict that the morning mist and fog may make matters worse.

Source: Hindustan Times

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