Chandigarh to be a Complete Cycle Friendly City by June 2018 | Know The Master Plan for 2031

Master Plan 2031 for Chandigarh emphasis on making the City Beautiful Chandigarh a cycle-friendly city

By the month of July 2018, Chandigarh, The City Beautifull will be completely bicycle-friendly. To date, an aggregate of 110-km bicycle track has just been built over the city while the work at numerous streets is still on. As indicated by the UT Administration’s figures, an aggregate of 180-km bicycle track will cover the length and breadth of City Beautiful – Chandigarh. The aggregate cost of laying 180-km-long bicycle track over the city is roughly Rs 25 crore. The principal phase, officially finished, has taken a cost the UT Administration Rs 12 crore. The organization has partitioned the undertaking into two stages. In the first stage, an aggregate of 110-km-long bicycle track has been finished while the remaining should be finished in the second stage by July 2018.

Bicycle-friendly Chandigarh Soon

As a major aspect of the venture, the bicycle tracks should be made more secure by introducing track markings, committed and shading set apart through entries at the roundabouts. In an offer to empower utilization of bicycle, Chandigarh Municipal Commissioner Jitender Yadav as of late made it compulsory for MC representatives to cycle their path to work no less than one day for each week. Wednesday was reserved as a bicycle day for every one of the workers.

Chandigarh Municipal Commissioner Jitender Yadav said that We should likewise be asking the Chandigarh Traffic Police to sensitise drivers to offer way to cyclists on the streets. Indeed, even after the cycle tracks are there, I concur that the city isn’t yet totally alright for cyclists. For this, the mentality of drivers should be changed. In any case, I am certain that things will move forward. Change happens, yet slowly.

Further he added that We realize that specific bicycle tracks should be made obstruction free. At specific spots, there are completely grown trees in the way or the tracks are not appropriately built. There are even manholes at specific spots and the cycle tracks are not legitimately lit. We might pass on every one of these issues to the Chandigarh Administration with the goal that utilizing the bicycle tracks can be made more sheltered and helpful.

Chandigarh’s Master Plan 2031

Master Plan 2031 for Chandigarh emphasis on making the City Beautiful Chandigarh a cycle-friendly city. It is proposed to resuscitate V-7 streets & roads. Nonetheless, the designing wing says that the current cycle tracks along V3 roads will be enhanced and furnished with legitimate combination alongside the zebra crossings near crossing point. An aggregate of 11 longitudinal green belts has been reserved that are to be developed as green corridors both for pedestrians and cyclists.



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