Chandigarh to Completely Become Pedestrian & Cycle Friendly City – Master Plan 2031

The well developed and urban planned city beautiful Chandigarh’s master plan of 2031 aims to make Chandigarh a pedestrian and cycle friendly city of India. If there’s any other city other than that of Europe’s in the world that is efficient in being cycle-friendly, Chandigarh from India bags the position with utmost humility. Well, what we mean is, the tag is a well-deserved one!

Cycling Tracks in Chandigarh

Already boasting of having 70 km of stretch of dedicated cycling tracks existing in the city beautiful Chandigarh, authorities aims to increase the stretch length by additional 29 more kilometres leading it to have 99 km of cycling track stretch in the region. Well, we don’t lie as to what the data says because the numbers are huge indeed. The following is being planned for the city beautiful to make it cycle friendly:

  • Increase cycling track stretch from 70 km to 99 km
  • Introduction of alternate public transport system to be done
  • Procurement of around 10,000 cycles in the region to be shared by public
  • 600 busy points to be covered under the scheme as Smart City project
  • Revival of V-7 roads to be done as a part of the master plan
  • Incorporation of expert consultation in design and laying of cycle tracks in Chandigarh
  • Revised roundabout design for a safer road experience
  • Increase in the width of the existing tracks esp. at Madhya Marg in Chandigarh

Hindrances to the project

Though Chandigarh boasts of having a great design in terms of roads and mapping but what lags behind is the conceptualization of the design that led to a few loopholes by virtue of which people mainly cyclists suffer a lot. Here’s a list of what all problems are being faced:

  • Poor engineering design on the tracks
  • Large speed breakers being encountered, which ain’t required
  • Poor braking point system that kills the speed of cycling enthusiasts
  • Tracks at many places being utilised as parking spots by cab drivers and auto-rickshaw drivers
  • Poorly lit tracks lead to pathetic visibility post sunset
  • Terminal points merge with roundabouts, posing risk to life
  • Merger with heavy moving traffic on main roads pretty cumbersome
  • Tracks being misused as garbage dumping grounds by many
  • Confusion prevails at junction during peak hours of traffic
  • Lack of availability of distinguished marking system for cycle tracks
  • Lack of awareness and sensitisation of people encouraged to use tracks
  • Majority of deaths caused due to accidents were that of pedestrians and cyclists

Chandigarh’s master plan of 2031 is not waiting for Chandigarh to reach that year to become “cycle-friendly”. The work has started off lately to achieve its goal well before its deadline. And after being ranked at No.11 for being the cleanest city of India under Swachh Survekshan Survey of 2017, Chandigarh had its moment of pride recently.¬†Yes, that’s the amount of dedication authorities are putting in to make ‘Chandigarh – a pedestrian & cycle-friendly city’ of India. And undoubtedly we are proud of it !!!

Source: HT

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