Chandigarh to Get 10th Open Air Gym in Sector 8B

After the successful run of the idea of Open-air gyms in Chandigarh, MC department has all set for the more installation of these kinds of open-air gyms in more sectors of the city. And now its time for Sector 8B people to get free gyming as MC has decided to install new Open air gym in Chandigarh. So for fitness freaks, it’s the good news that now you can all sweat without paying in your sector.

After a total of 9 Open air gym in the city beautiful Chandigarh, finally, Sector 8 people will get a new one in their sector itself. Along with Sector 8, we can expect more Open air gyms in the city especially in the southern sectors of Chandigarh.

And a New Open Air Gym in Sector 8B Chandigarh & its free for all

The work for the installation of the new open-air gym is almost done in the Sector 8B park near main market. And the same has now raised the number of open-air gyms in Chandigarh to 10. Although before the inauguration of the Sector 8B open-air gym, it has attracted a lot of residents nearby the area to sweat in for good health in their daily routine.

Also, the decision of the installation of new Open air gym in the area has motivated many people. Even the morning walkers from the area have welcomed the installation of Open-air gym at least it will be beneficial for those who can’t get into permanent gym routines in their busy schedule.

Types of equipment in the newly built Open air Gym in Chandigarh

As of now the newly made open-air gym at Sector 8B is surrounded by bamboo sheets to differentiate the location. And almost Rs.60,000 to 1 Lakh have been spent on the equipment of the same, that includes machines for biceps, legs, shoulders, belly, calves, triceps & forearms. Although the newly opened gym has is said to be helpful all age group & even the kids can start it from their early age in Chandigarh.

We wish to get these open-air gyms in each sector of the city beautiful Chandigarh so that people can get particular about their health on daily basis.

Source: TOI


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