Chandigarh to make Rooftop Solar Unit a must for all houses in city

If you own a house in Chandigarh, then it would soon be mandatory to install a solar unit on the rooftop of your house. In order to be the first solar city of India, administration says that if a person has enough money to own a house in Chandigarh, he should have have money to buy a solar unit for his rooftop. According to the plan, all government and private buildings including big private houses in Chandigarh would have rooftop solar units within the next 2 years.

Rooftop Solar Water Heater or Solar Power Plant?

As the administration would make it mandatory to install a solar plant on the rooftop, citizens would have the option to choose from solar water heater or solar power plant. However, this choice is limited to people who own a house measuring 100 to 500 sq yards of plot area. Here’s the complete proposal for a better understanding.

Plots less than 100 sq yards = Solar plant not mandatory.

100 sq yard to 500 sq yard = Option to install 100 Litre Solar water heater or solar power plant of 1kW.

500 sq yard to 1000 sq yard = Solar power plant of 1kW is mandatory.

1000 sq yard to 3000 sq yard = Solar power plant of 2kW is mandatory.

Above 3000 sq yard = Solar power plant of 3 kW is mandatory.

Cost to Install rooftop Solar System in Chandigarh

We knew that this would be your next question. So, here’s an idea about what a solar power plant costs in Chandigarh. The price of 1 kW rooftop solar plant costs around Rs 85,000. The government provides subsidy on this cost to the extent of 30%. So, the actual cost of 1kW solar power plant comes down to around Rs 60,000. (This is just an idea. Actual cost may vary).

However, if you have to install rooftop power plant in commercial or industrial area, then there’s no subsidy.

A 1 kW rooftop solar power plant generates around 4 to 5 units of power a day. This would surely bring down your electricity bills and will save energy. In case, your rooftop solar system produces excess power, then you can sell it to the electricity grid at the rate of Rs. 8.51 per unit.

Source: Times of India

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