Two Chandigarh Traffic Police Cops Caught Taking Bribe

Chandigarh Traffic Police is known for being the most strict traffic police in India. But unfortunately, two traffic police cops of Chandigarh Police were caught taking bribe. Although, the traffic personnel of Chandigarh Police are very much strict for implementation of traffic rules and are famous for for challaning vehicles. But this time, the news of taking bribe by 2 traffic police cops has brought some embarrassment to the pride.

The incident took place at sector 23/24 light points when a resident of the city, who was on his 2-wheeler was asked for the documents of his bike by the traffic cops.

Here’s how the traffic cops were caught taking bribe:

Two policemen from the traffic wing of Chandigarh Police – Head Constable Ravinder and Constable Samar Singh were on duty at sector 23/24 light point. As a part of their duty they stopped Navdeep Singh, a resident of Sector 37  who was going to sector 17 on his bike and asked him to show the documents of his bike.

Navdeep Singh told these traffic cops that his document were already with the Chandigarh Traffic Police as he got challaned few days back. But the cops asked him to pay Rs 300 to let him go. Navdeep Singh had 3 notes of Rs. 100 each. Going on the side, he quickly clicked the pictures of all 3 Rs. 100 notes in his mobile phone and handed Rs. 300 to the traffic cops.

After this, Navdeep approached the vigilance department and filed a complaint against the cops. The pictures of the notes were shown to the vigilance team. The team took instant action and went to the incident spot where the currency serial numbers were matched. The serial number on the notes was found to be similar to those which were shown in the pictures as an evidence.

Both accused traffic police cops of Chandigarh Police were arrested by the vigilance from the spot. A case has been registered against then under the Prevention of the Corruption Act.

The problem of corruption in India is a serious one. If we talk about Chandigarh, a lot of people might be involved in the act when they are stopped on city roads by traffic police cops. We all need to act smart like Navdeep did in order to curb the problem of corruption.

 News Source: The Tribune


Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Dandiwal is a medical professional who works at a reputed hospital in Chandigarh. The passion for writing and love for Chandigarh makes Harpreet a contributing author on
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