Got challaned in Chandigarh? Attend 1 hr Traffic Police Class before getting documents back

According to an announcement from Chandigarh Traffic Police and confirmation from the local court, violating traffic rules in Chandigarh will now land you in an hour long class.

Violation of any traffic rule in Chandigarh now means that you’ll have to attend a 1 hour class in order to learn traffic norms and rules in Chandigarh. This class will be mandatory before getting your challan cleared. A class was started some time back for violators who went to Sector 29 Traffic Police Lines to pay their challan. But as per the recent announcement, violators who appear in the district court to get their documents back after 1 month of the challan date will have have to sit in the 1 hour long class by Chandigarh Traffic Police personal.

This step has been taken by UT district courts in association with the traffic police to educate commuters about traffic rules. This hour long class will be held daily between 1 PM to 2 PM and is mandatory to be attended by violators. The documents which were taken by Traffic Policemen in Chandigarh will only be released after a violator has attended that class.

This initiative will help educating the local residents as well as check touts who make money from offenders in return of getting their challans cleared quickly from the Chandigarh district court.

How to get your challan cleared from district court in Chandigarh?

A new arrangement to get your challan cleared from the district court demands the challaned person to submit the challan at the district courts’ reception. A token would be issued to the person upon the receipt of challan paper. Post this, the traffic violator needs to sit in the one hour class. Only after attending the class, he/she will be able to pay the fine and get his/her documents released.

This particular step has been taken to make sure that Chandigarh residents are educated about traffic rules in the city and increasing traffic violations can be checked.

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