Chandigarh Traffic Police Collected Rs. 4.59 Crore From Challans in 2017 | Here Are The Violations

1,22,746 people had been challaned last year in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, which is known as the city beautiful has emerged into a city of violators and this is no allegation that we are putting on anyone but are based on the number of challans issued in 2017 alone. As published in The Indian Express, as many as 1,22,746 people had been challaned last year who had, in total, deposited the fine of Rs 4.59 crore.

As per the traffic police data of Chandigarh, the fine collected in 2017 was almost half the amount collected in its previous year i.e in 2016 with Rs 8.87 crore fine given by 2,58,524 people as challan. Though it is a sign of good news that the toll has decreased lately, still there are many violators of the traffic and transportation rules under the Motor Vehicle Act who are risking their as well as others’ lives on the roads.

List of violations made the most on Chandigarh roads in 2017

No helmet while riding a two-wheeler, drunken driving, jumping traffic lights, wrong parking of vehicles, triple rides on two-wheelers, driving without the license, driving the car without seat belts and many other miscellaneous traffic rule violations are majorly the one who had contributed in the fine collection.

On top of the list, is the violation of not wearing the helmet while riding a two-wheeler. As many as 33,584 violators were challaned in 2017 while the number of violators of this offense was slightly high in 2016 with 35,712 people. On second stood the number of violators for wrong parking with 11,309 people followed by drunken driving on the third with 6,395 violators who were challaned in 2017.  Other offenses include 61,492 people standing with their vehicles on the Zebra Crossing plus playing music on high volume and driving with high beam on. Apart from these 7,023 violators for driving the car without the seatbelt, 2,401 for triple riders on two-wheelers, 1,985 for listening to music on mobile phones while driving.

Dip in Chandigarh challans than previous years 

Going by the pattern as per the data of the Chandigarh traffic police, there has been a constant dip in the number of challans and in the people committing the offenses.The last five years data depicts 2.91 lakh motorcycle riders were challaned in the year  2015, while later reduced to 2.58 lakh in 2016 and is now 1.22 lakh in the previous year. Not only this, in fact, the fine collected by the traffic police of Chandigarh has also gone down drastically.



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