Chandigarh Traffic Police Cop Caught Taking Bribe Red-Handed in Sector 43

A Chandigarh Traffic Policeman was caught taking bribe from a traffic violator in Sector 43. He was caught red-handed and a video was made while he indulged in the process of asking for bribe. Soon after this, a complaint was initiated and police constable’s role came under scanner of officials.

The Constable named Dinesh has been suspended and the Sun-Inspector Rajinder Singh who was in-charge of the interceptor has been transferred to Sector 29, Traffic Lines.

How the Traffic Police Cop was Caught? 

The entire episode was recorded live in a mobile camera phone. Here’s how it was done.

  • A Swift car coming from Kharar was stopped by an interceptor vehicle for violating the traffic norm of listening to phone while driving.
  • The violator’s name was Sachin who offered the constable a bribe of Rs 500 hundred when asked to pay a challan of Rs 2,500 for the rule violation.
  • The violator refused to pay the heavy sum of challan and asked the policeman to settle the issue on the spot by taking the offered bribe.
  • Sachin was not alone in his car and was accompanied by his brother.
  • Sachin’s brother shot the incident on his phone while sitting in the car.

Chandigarh Traffic SP, Ravi Kumar said that “A departmental inquiry has been initiated against both policemen”.

Following The Rules

Since the amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Bill passed under the supervision of PM Narendra Modi the punishment for taking or giving bribery has been enhanced drastically.

  • The minimum punishment is for three years and maximum is for seven years.
  • Intentional enrichment by public servants will be construed as criminal misconduct and possession of disproportionate assets as proof of such illegitimate gains.

Moreover, if you are forcefully asked for giving bribe in Chandigarh or are offered bribe by anyone, here’s what you can do:

  • Write a complaint or pass on the information to the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
  • You can contact your nearest Anti-Corruption official in person or through telephone or even email. More information can be obtained even on phone through the Toll Free numbers: 1800 233 44444 or 1064.

  • The complaint can be filed with the Deputy Superintendent of Police or Inspector of Police. It can even be presented to the senior officers at the Head Office of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

It is very important for the citizens as well as the police officers to abide by the rules laid by the government of India. And this becomes very crucial these days, when the technology is at its highest best. Nobody can escape the stern eyes of the cameras whether they are hanging up on the poles or are behind the smartphones.


Shivali Angurala

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