Chandigarh | Traffic Police Cops Follow New Ways To Ensure Road Safety & It’s Quite Interesting

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Cops time and again are witnessed to have taken different kinds of steps in order to ensure proper safety of people as well as vehicles on the roads as well as educating the people in order to follow the traffic rules properly.

Road accidents are a common sight due to most of the people unaware of the traffic rules and some of them even deliberately breaking them resulting in a high degree of unsafety for people on the road. In context to the same, the UT Cops have taken up a great and an interesting initiative of singing out the traffic rules and the need to ensure road safety to the common people.

Head Constable Bhupinder Singh Sings Out Traffic Rules

Punjabi songs are likely to have a deep and an everlasting effect on today’s youth and a similar medium which is all the more fun and interesting has been taken up by Head Constable Bhupinder Singh. Head Constable Bhupinder Singh has penned down lyrics of different kinds of songs which are based on serious topics like road safety, safe driving, saying no to drunken driving, motivating women to wear helmets while driving and much more.

He is not only found humming the lyrics but the same have also been posted on the traffic wing as well as performed at various gatherings in a commendable and innovative way. Head Constable Bhupinder Singh has been into music and singing since his young days and has written as many as 15 songs on road safety by now.

This talented UT Cop is currently working on his new song which is based on wrong parking within the City. His talent also became a part of the celebrations of the 29th Road Safety Week which was observed by the Chandigarh Police recently.

UT Cops Takes Steps For Traffic Awareness

The songs are a great way in which people will not only know but will also have proper and appropriate knowledge about road safety and related topics. This is an amazing way to benefit the society. Some of the Head Constable’s songs are also available as caller tunes. Even the SSP of Police admires the efforts of the Constable put in the songs and has one of them set as a caller tune on his official contact number.


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