Someone Will Now Keep an Eye on Chandigarh Police Officials At Nakas

While our Chandigarh Traffic Police is one of the most efficient ones in India, but there have been instances where people have complained about the rude behaviour of officials at a naka. Corruption is yet another problem that needs to be eradicated and in order to solve the problem and have a clear view on things, Chandigarh traffic police officials will be under scanner while at a naka. This “someone” who will be keeping an eye on traffic cops in Chandigarh is a project named “Drivya Drishti“.

Who is this someone named Drivya Drishti?

Police check-points in Chandigarh will be strictly scanned under the gaze of high-definition 4G Internet cameras. 4G wireless internet cameras will be installed at all major check-points in order to monitor the activities of on-field officers of Chandigarh Police.

Tajendra Singh Luthra, Chandigarh Police Chief, stated that Drivya Drishti, a one of its kind innovation, will help keep a tab on working of police officers and will also ensure proper implementation of traffic regulation and along with correct challaning by the police officials. Internet wireless cameras will record all the proceedings of the naka points and will give live webcast to the Police Control Room.

Chandigarh Police & Corruption:

In order to increase efficiency and transparency in functioning of police officials, to monitor their rude and insensitive behavior, and to keep a check on collection, evasion, bribing, etc, this project will be implemented. Mr. Luthra wants his department under the radar. Accepting no tolerance for corruption and malpractices, Divya Drishti will make all the officers more conscious in their dealings and will adhere to the traffic regulations.

It has been mentioned that Divya Drishti pilot project has been put into action with its first set of 4 wireless and body cameras in Chandigarh and it seems to be working perfectly fine.

Diya Drishti’s workability will be monitored by UT’s top cops. Everything will be recorded and played live at the Police Control Room. 4G as well as the body cameras have been connected to stream live happenings taking place at the naka where 4G internet wireless cameras are installed.

Future Plans:

Chandigarh’s police department plans to successfully implement Divya Drishti projects at more than 20 nakas within 6 months. This will require procurement of 80 4G wireless cameras and 25 body cameras. Main aim of Divya Drishti project is to increase surveillance on traffic challaning in tricity and remove the deep rooted corruption in the system.

Successful use of technology and internet will result in  in proper work flow of police officials. Not only will these cameras report inappropriate behavior but will also help Chandigarhians as officers will challan only those who don’t adhere to traffic rules. Unnecessary challaning will come to an end and we will see less brawls happening between police officers and locals.

It is indeed a great step by Chandigarh Police.

Source: The Tribune

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