Chandigarh Traffic Police earned 10.84 Crore revenue from Challans in 2015

Chandigarh Traffic Police has collected 10.84 crore as revenue for year 2015 by challaning those vehicles that were found violating traffic norms on city roads. Chandigarh traffic police is known as one of the most active traffic police force in India and every year it makes a huge contribution to the overall revenue collection of the city.

Talking about the challans that were issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police in year 2015, red light jumping and stopping car on zebra crossing were on the top of charts. Here are some insights into the data of number of challans issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police in year 2015.

Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan Data for Year 2015

A total of 2,91,412 challans were issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police in year 2015 which include those issues to two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers.

Total Challans Issued = 2,91,412.

Red Light Jumping = 56,777.

Stopping vehicle on Zebra Crossing = 48,058.

Without Helmet on 2 wheeler = 38,621.

chandigarh-traffic-police-hsrp-challanOver speeding = 28,581.

Wrong Turn = 21,186.

Without Seat Belt = 19,484.

Wrong Parking = 18,901.

Talking on cellphone while driving = 4,864.

Tinted Glasses / Black film = 4,707.

Drunken Driving = 3,587.

Dangerous Driving = 1,131.

Smoking while driving = 348.

Under age driving = 299.

Along with the challans, 13,776 vehicles were impounded by Chd Traffic Police and over 6,279 vehicles were towed away by traffic police tow trucks.

Total revenue collected = 10.84 Crore.

The minimum amount of challan in Chandigarh is Rs. 300. However the amount doubles if the violation is repeated for the second time.



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