Chandigarh Traffic Police Equipped with Body-Worn Cameras | To Click High-Quality Pictures, Capture HD Videos

The Chandigarh traffic cops will now wear body cameras for ensuring transparency at work. As per the report, the body-worn cameras are no bigger than a common mobile phone but will be able to record sound, capture HD (high-definition) video in addition to clicking high-quality photographs at various checkpoints.

More than 100 Chandigarh traffic cops to wear body-worn cameras

With an aim to bring more transparency to the working of Chandigarh traffic police department, workforce on traffic duty at different locations in Chandigarh will be equipped with body-worn cameras. These body-worn cameras will record facts on the spot for seniors’ supervision.

Earlier, in January this year, the police department had bought four body-worn cameras on trial basis. After more than 10 months, the police department has already procured more than 100 such cameras. The system was launched by DGP Chandigarh Tajender Singh Luthra. 104 body-worn cameras were distributed to the challaning officers by the Chandigarh DGP.

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Quality of the body-worn cameras and features

The body-worn cameras are no bigger than an ordinary mobile phone. These body-worn cameras will be attached near the shoulders and chest of the police personnel. These hi-quality cameras will efficiently click high-quality photographs, in addition to recording sound as well as capturing high-definition video.

The device will not only help in recording facts but will also help to record the misbehave incidents. It has been reported that sometimes people misbehave with the police personnel and in some cases even policemen misbehave with people at different checkposts, accidents and other spots, such as protests.

Trial happened, cameras distributed among these officers

The Chandigarh Traffic police recently conducted challan drives at different locations against traffic offenders. These drives were conducted under the eyes of a recently procured body-worn camera. The police personnel wore these cameras to record facts at the check posts.  The cameras were placed on challaning officers’ body for clear voice recording, and visuals.

The 104 body-worn cameras have been distributed among 16 inspector-rank officers in addition to 88 head constables and sub-inspectors in Chandigarh. In addition to inbuilt 32 GB memory card, the body-worn cameras have a battery back-up of up to four hours. The data recovered from these cameras will be kept safe at the Traffic Police Lines in Sector 29, Chandigarh, for a period of more than one year.

Source: Hindustan Times

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