Chandigarh Traffic Police is Now Seizing Motorcycles Due to Noise Pollution

The Chandigarh Traffic Police has expanded penal activity towards individuals utilizing unlawful loud exhausts on their bikes. This change came extremely close to Punjab and Haryana High Court criticize the Chandigarh Police for turning a deaf ear to the noise pollution caused by bikes with modified exhausts.The Chandigarh Traffic Police is now catching all the offenders who are violating the rules under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Bikes Can Be Seized if found guilty

The infringement is culpable for the first offence with a fine of Rs 1,000 and a fine of Rs 2,000 for the reiteration of the offense. Likewise, the cops can even grab the bike. Also, the traffic police of Chandigarh has given a Whatsapp No. that can be utilized to report a bike that supports an uproarious exhaust. From now “No More Bullet For Patake paun nu”

According to┬áSection 190(2) of the Motor Vehicle Act “Any individual who drives or causes or permits to be driven, in any open place a motor vehicle, which breaks or violates the guidelines recommended in connection to road wellbeing, control of noise and air-pollution, should be culpable for the primary offense with a fine of one thousand rupees and for any second or resulting offense with a fine of two thousand rupees.”

Chandigarh Traffic Police has additionally spoken to the locals saying, ‘Chandigarh please let us know in which sector or area which landmarks points where do you frequently hear cracker sound (Pataka sound) being emitted by bikes with modified silencers. On the off chance that there is a pattern or repetition to it, please likewise give approx. time.’

Bull Bars or Crash Guards Also Banned

In the month of January, The government has coordinated all Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil)- cum-Registering Authorities and all Regional Transport Authorities-cum-Registering Authorities in the state to make a strict move against vehicle proprietors whose vehicles were fitted with crash guards or bull bar.

The barring bull bars establishment crosswise over India was instructed by the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways in December 2017. As indicated the greater part of street disasters, bull bars assume to be the greatest part of the impact of two vehicles. Not only the collision of the two cars, the bull bars also turns to be dangerous for the passers-by.



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