Chandigarh Traffic Police Issued 1.9 Lakh Challans in Last 5 years | Still Chandigarhians Crosses the Line

Chandigarh Traffic Police has released a record of challans of last 5 year and it’s shocking. A total of 1.90 Lakh challans have been issued for just one offence in Chandigarh in last 5 years. According to the records of Chandigarh Traffic Police, mostly the challans were issued for not halting before the zebra crossing in the city.

Chandigarh Traffic Police has been known for its challans and once again they have proved the same. Although the reports have been out in between 2014 to 31st December 2018. Check out the reason and more details of Challans in the city beautiful Chandigarh below.

Chandigarh Traffic Police records of Last 5 years Challans Shock

Chandigarh Traffic Police records of last 5 years suggest that 1.90 Lakh total challans were issued for not halting before zebra crossing. According to the reports, in the year 2014, a total of 35122 motorists were challaned for the same. Further, in the year 2015, the number reached to 59531 and rose upto 66728 in the year 2016. Whereas in the year 2017, it came down to 12,687 and then rose again to 18684 in the year 2018.

According to the traffic police, the violator has to pay an amount of Rs. 300 for the first time challan. Out of the total 1.90 lakh challans, some of the violator in Chandigarh has shifted to other address and some don’t pay attention to pay the challan. All of these e-challans were sent to the offenders via post and it was issued after the CCTV camera surveillance of the city traffic lights.

The main reason for Challans in Chandigarh

The report suggests that these 1.90 Lakh challans in Chandigarh were issued for not halting before the Zebra crossing. Although mostly the residents have complained that the zebra crossing at various light points have faded or have become invisible and this causes confusion. Although¬†Police has been claiming that they don’t send challans in such cases.

Also in the year 2017, Chandigarh Police has sent court notice to 200 violators. So from now onwards, beware Chandigarhians before crossing the Zebra crossing on the light points, as you are under the surveillance of CCTV and the challans will be posted in your respective address as well.


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