Chandigarh Traffic Police Issued 2.40 Lakh Challans in 2016 | Earns Over 8 Crore

Traffic is becoming a major concern for Chandigarh and our Traffic Police is in news for issuing a massive number of challans during the year 2016. Despite the wide roads, great traffic management system and extremely professional traffic police staff, city recorded a total of 2.47+ lakh challans that were issued to the traffic rules violators.

After a detailed review of traffic challans, it was noted that in majority of cases, habitual offenders have been fined for the same offence more than three times. According to the official statistics, various offences that were recorded in 2016 in Chandigarh include:

  • Out of the total2.47 lakh, 52,697 challans were issued for jumping the red light.
  • 14,497 challans were issued for driving without the seat belt.
  • 34,207 challans were issued for driving without helmet.

People of Chandigarh have always adhered to the rules & regulations laid by the Govt. but this news of challans touching a whooping number of 2.47+lakhs is not acceptable. Not only does this disturb the entire system but also leads to accidents and other causalities.

The data in this article is till 30th November, 2016.

Revenue Earned from Challans in Chandigarh

A total revenue of  Rs. 8,47,16, 306 (8 Crore, 47 Lakh. 16 Thousand, 3 Hundred and Six Rupees) has been collected by issuing of Challans by the UT Police from 1st Jan 2016 till November end, 2016. Although the number of challans has decreased as compared to last year, the figure is still high.

Number of challans Compared to Last Year

Last year Chandigarh Traffic Police issued 2.82 lakhs challans. The probable reasons for the decline are:

  • Raising awareness regarding traffic rules.
  • The fact that the traffic cops are standing at each intersection and light points makes people think twice about breaking the traffic rules.
  • The fact that the traffic staff has been directed not to stop any outstation vehicle unless any traffic rules violation takes place.
  • Increase in fine amount is also a possible reason for the decline in the number of challans.

The number challans for overspeeding in Chandigarh has witnessed a drop with only 12,682 challans been issued in comparison to 28,096 challans that were issued last year.

Drive Carefully in Chandigarh

Next time when you plan to go on a drive, make sure you carry your driving licence, registration certificate, insurance certificate and pollution control certificate. As good citizens of the City Beautiful, we should co-operate with other drivers in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic. We must be courteous, give other drivers enough space to change lanes and give signals before turning. Stop on the red light if the lights are about to turn

Stop on the red light if the lights are about to turn red. Do not rush at that time. Also, do not drink and drive and always remember to wear a seat belt / helmet.

Source: The Tribune

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