Chandigarh Traffic Police to Suspend Driving Licence for These 6 Violations

Chandigarh, the city already famous for its challans & traffic rules has decided to raise the platform in terms of implementation of laws. We have all encountered the situations where by a minor difference, suddenly a traffic cop pops up out of nowhere which is often followed by the constant pleading.

Supreme Court Committee on road safety has already passed a law under which the driving license must be seized for a certain time period where a driver may have to even seek for an imprisonment depending on the remand for the challan. But this law was partially implemented until now. Police authorities seem to be happy to exercise these given powers, as clear from the views of Mr. Gur Iqbal Singh Sidhu currently in-charge of the SP (traffic), Chandigarh.

Earlier, police had to rely on the the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) to withhold the licenses but now police officials can do so directly. So far in two months, 200 licenses in Panchkula and 30 in Mohali (SAS nagar) are reported to have been suspended. And as we know that Chandigarh always leads the number of challans so let us tell you that 4 driving licenses are being suspended in Chandigarh on a monthly basis.

Violations that will lead to Suspension of DL in Chandigarh

6 offenses have been majorly chosen against which driving license can be suspended in Chandigarh.

  • Red Light Jumping: We are quite familiar with the kind of rush for those last 2-3 seconds of the traffic light timers where we try hard to not get caught up in the cycle of lights but now this needs a check by the drivers themselves.
  • Speeding: Again, speeding by even a unity for any reason would get you into trouble. Chandigarh has got speed limits for each and every road and you all have to make sure that you follow these speed limits.
  • Drunken Driving: Drunken driving is another common offence in Chandigarh & our city’s traffic police is always very active to set up drink & drive nakas. Going forward, a challan for drunk driving might cause you your licence to be suspended.
  • Overloading: We people have a habit of generally carrying more than required. It may be more number of passengers in a 4 wheeler or more carriage in your vehicle. A challan for overloading has been included in the list of offences that may suspend your licence in Chandigarh.
  • Violation of seat-belt and Helmet Laws: Wearing a helmet and a seat belt always saves lives. However, not following these traffic regulations might cause you your driving licence.
  • Use of mobile phones while driving: Talking on the phone while driving is a challan but now, this will be even strict than before. Instead of a simple challan, this would cause you suspension of your DL.

Driving License Suspension in Chandigarh

As per the directions of SC road safety committee , it is suggested that a driving license shall be suspended for minimum period of three months under the section 19 of the motor vehicle act, 1988 and rule 21 of the central motor vehicles rules for speeding over limits.

If any of the above 6 offence happens, the traffic police office will have full authority to suspend your driving licence and if it happens, you’ll not be able to drive for the next 3 months.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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