Chandigarh Traffic Police starts using Wheel Clamps for wrongly parked vehicles

The traffic wing of Chandigarh Police has started to use wheel clamps for wrongly parked vehicles in the city. There is a challan for wrong parking in Chandigarh but the traffic police could not challan many vehicles as a lot of time was wasted to tow away the vehicle. At any given time, only one car could be towed away with the help of traffic police crane from a particular location.

Finding a solution to above problem, Chandigarh traffic police has purchased 100 wheel clamping devices. Whenever traffic police cops in Chandigarh find a wrongly parked vehicle (cars and bikes both), they can simply clamp the wheel of your vehicle and paste a warning sticker on the vehicle.

Wrong Parking Challan in Chandigarh

Although Chandigarh Traffic Police is one of the most strict traffic force of India, one can easily see wrongly parked vehicles near market areas, schools, colleges etc.

First time wrong Parking challan rate in Chandigarh = Rs. 300.

Subsequent challan = Rs. 600

If you are fond of wrong parking, then we even have a good news for you. You can save upto Rs. 1000 on your challan. Want to know how? Here you go:

If your car gets towed away by a Traffic Police crane, you have to pay a fine amounting to Rs. 1000 (exact figure depends on vehicle and the location). There are the towing charges. Now, when Chandigarh traffic police has wheel clamps, the cops can simply put these clamps on the tires of your vehicle and you just have to pay an additional Rs. 100 as the clamping fee.

Additional Towing charges = Depends on vehicle & location (Can be Rs. 1000).

Additional wheel clamping charges = Rs. 100.

What to do if you see a wheel clamp fastened to your vehicle

Ah, we wish this does not happen. But, in case you get into this situation, here’s what to do. The traffic police cops will paste a warning sticker on your vehicle which says that your vehicle has been challaned for wrong parking and a wheel clamp has been fastened on the tyres of your vehicle. Driving with fastened wheel clamp may damage your vehicle as well as the clamp. Tampering with the wheel clamp in any way may lead to jail.

So, the only way to get out of this or in fact to get your vehicle out of the wheel clamps is to leave your vehicle where it is and go to Traffic Police lines in Sector 29, Chandigarh. Fill the wrong parking challan after showing the documents of your car and make a request to remove the wheel clamp. Thereafter, cops will come to the location where your car is stationed and take the wheel clamps off. Hey, you’re now free to go but remember to park your vehicle at an approved parking lot in future.  


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