Chandigarh | An 18 Year Old Boy & 12th Class Girl Commit Suicide

In shocking reports that have sprung up recently, the happiest city of India-Chandigarh has brought disgrace to its honour for topping the list of a large number of suicides and criminal cases in the recent past. In all, over 7 cases of suicide or murder have been reported from Chandigarh area in the month of March itself.

Unable to understand what has happened to the young population of city beautiful, two more suicide cases have come to light. Both these cases are different and happened at different locations.

18-Year old Boy hangs himself in Chandigarh

In one of the recent cases that happened, an eighteen-year-old young boy identified as Munish Singh, a B.Sc first-year student committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan.

The deceased lived with his father at his residence in Sector 20-B, Chandigarh ended his life on Monday when he was alone at home. The neighbours called in police when on repeated attempt of knocking the door, Munish did not respond till 7 pm.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and was declared brought dead by the doctors. Though no suicide note was found citing reasons for the act but it was observed that the deceased had made a suicide bid a few days earlier too.

Class 12th girl student ended her life in Panchkula

In another similar suicide incident that happened on Monday, a class XII girl student hailing from Moginand ended her life by consuming poisonous substance when she was alone at home. Though her family members were in the fields at the back of the house, none got to know about the extreme step taken by the young girl. An autopsy was conducted and later her body was handed over to the family to perform the last rites.

What’s Happening?

These horrifying steps taken by youngsters in city beautiful not only has distressed city residents but also has caused havoc among the authorities. Ironically, soon after the announcement of Chandigarh city to become child-friendly was made, these incidents have sprung up causing a paradoxical situation in the city.

The whole conjecture seems to go nowhere if these incidents are not curbed at the right time. The rising numbers of such cases is surely a cause of concern and we need to join our hands together to bring these rates down at any cost.

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