Chandigarh | Two Thieves Including A Woman Held For Theft At Doctor’s House In Sector 30

Chandigarh police have arrested two people including a woman for stealing Rs. 8 Lakh and a Hyundai Xcent car which was parked the house. The incident happened at a doctor’s house in Sector 30 Chandigarh two days ago.

The police have arrested two people and have recovered the stolen jewellery and car from them. However, the third person is still on a run. The incident happened when Dr. Bharat Kumar, a junior resident at the GMCH Sector 32 Chandigarh along with his wife had gone to meet their relatives at the hospital in Mohali on Monday.

How Jewellery And Car Were Stolen From A House In Sector 30 Chandigarh

The thieves stolen jewellery, a Hyundai Xcent car from outside the house. They left the stolen motorcycle outside the house and took away the Hyundai car. The Chandigarh police arrested one of the thieves, Aashish Kumar, a resident of Bapu Dham Colony Sector 26 Chandigarh. Aashish Kumar was arrested by Chandigarh police from Sector 56 when he was driving the stolen Hyundai car.

Aashish Kumar also gave information to the Chandigarh police about his female friend Babita, who was also involved in the case. The Chandigarh police arrested Babita, a resident of Jhujhar Nagar, Mohali was arrested near Maloya.

Two Thieves Including A Woman Caught, One Still Missing

Aashish Kumar, one of the thieves caught by the Chandigarh police handed over the jewellery to Babita which he stole from the house in Sector 30 Chandigarh. The DSP said that Aashish Kumar’s plan was that Babita would sell the stolen jewellery to some jeweller.

However, the Chandigarh police have recovered all the stolen jewellery from the woman except a gold chain. The Chandigarh police said that there were more cases of motorcycle theft registered against Aashish Kumar. The police have not caught the third person who was involved in the case. A laptop was also stolen from the doctor’s house in Sector 30 Chandigarh. As per police’s investigation, the stolen laptop is in the possession of the third person who is on a run.

News & Image Source: The Tribune

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