Chandigarh Urbanisation Exhausts The Open Land Area Of The City To 8%

Chandigarh is a city that is known for wide roads and lot of green cover that includes gardens, parks and grounds. However, Chandigarh’s open land area is astonishingly decreasing due to city’s rapid urbanization. This has been noted in the recent years. The open land area of the the City Beautiful was 32% in the year 2000 which has now decreased to a drastic 8%. This was reported by Indian Express and we guess that the decreasing open area in Chandigarh is surely a matter of huge concern for the future of the city.

Chandigarh Open Land Area’s Downfall 

A student from Punjab Engineering College with help of the remote sensing satellite has captured images of Chandigarh’s area in total. According to his study Vanshaj Verma has told that the open land area of Chandigarh has decreased drastically in 15 years.

The study suggests:

  • The highest percentage of the open land area was recorded 32% in the year 2000
  • Most of the development was undertaken in Chandigarh’s Sector 48, 51 and 63
  • Construction of the new shopping complexes in Industrial area
  • Bringing up of a new ISBT in Sector 43 also added up to Chandigarh’s urbanization
  • With the rapid increase in city’s developmental projects the Chandigarh administration needs to take precautionary measures
  • A systematic town planning is also required at this time

The Study & Its Conclusion

The study conducted by the fourth year engineering student of Punjab University was guided by PEC Civil Engineer Prof. Amrit Singh Sandhu.

The study compared the images of the four satellites of Chandigarh that were taken in 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. Through a software, difference in the geographical aspects was figured out in the images.

The Prof. Amrit Singh Sandhu suggested that the Chandigarh Administration needs to put a stop on intrusions in the city and should not give approvals to development projects easily. Or else the city can suffer water and electricity shortage in the future.

Nevertheless, the former architect of Chandigarh Sumit Kaur has assured that the city will not face a crisis of any kind until 2031.

The former architect told that the Chandigarh administration is approving only those projects that do not pose a threat to the city’s greenery. Further she adds that setting up of solar panels would be made mandatory for all domestic and commercial buildings that are spread in 500 yards.

Source: IndianExpress


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