Chandigarh begins revising its Smart City Proposal | Hires a Consultant Firm

Chandigarh Smart City News, 29th Feb 2016.

The news about Chandigarh not being selected in the top 20 smart cities of India came as a huge shock for everyone. Chandigarh Administration has thus been asked by the ministry of urban development to make amendments in its Smart City Proposal and submit it again for a second consideration during the month of April.

Chandigarh hires AECON as consultant for Smart City Proposal

Chandigarh Administration had started looking for third-party consultants to revise the Smart City Proposal. Out of many, 3 consultant firms were short listed and finally Chandigarh has signed a deal with AECON. This consultant firm has made Smart City proposals for Ludhiana and Vishakapatnam, out of which both have been selected by the central government in the list of first 20 smart cities of India.

The deal between Chandigarh Administration and AECON is such that the consultant firm has been asked to prepare a Smart City Proposal for Chandigarh within 5 weeks. According to sources, AECON has charged Rs. 40 Lakh for the project.

This time, the Chandigarh smart city proposal will be more focused on traffic congestions, security and environment. Although, Chandigarh Administration had done a lot to form the smart city proposal last time but somehow it was not able to impress the ministry of urban development of India. The main points in the previous proposal included:

  • Vikas Marg to be developed as a business hub
  • 1,000 CCTV cameras on roads and strategic points in the city.
  • IT enabled services through a single portal for Chandigarh residents.
  • Round the clock water and power supply.
  • To make Chandigarh Cycle & pedestrian friendly.

Here’s the complete presentation which was submitted to central governmant from Chandigarh:

The new smart city proposal will be developed by the end of March and the authorities will have a closer look at it before it is submitted to the ministry of urban development.

We hope, this time Chandigarh will make it to the list of selected Smart Cities of India.

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