Here’s A Sector Wise Division Of Number Of Vehicles Owned By People In Chandigarh

One of the most rapidly growing cities of India, Chandigarh is becoming crowded with people in recent years and has accumulated a population of 1.3 lakhs of people till date. As the population of the city is increasing at a very fast pace, so is the number of vehicles. In the past days, Chandigarh used to be so empty and quiet, that finding a person or a vehicle on the road was very unusual.

But, today finding a place without a person in Chandigarh is a dream, as you can see people oozing out of every nook and cranny of the city frequently. All the sectors around the city are full of vehicles, be it a four wheeler or a two wheeler and getting a parking space has become so problematic.

Vehicle Mayhem In Tricity Sectors

According to a recent survey held, the total number of vehicles in every Sector of Chandigarh recorded is mind boggling. The city has a total of 5,10,050 vehicles registered under the RLA, out of which 2,33,871 are four wheeler and 2,76,179 are two wheeler. If we go according to the Sector Nos. and the amount of vehicles that every single one of it holds then, the numbers go this way:

  • Sector 1 to 30 | Chandigarh- 1,14,461 vehicles
  • Sector 31-47- 1,45,999 vehicles
  • Sector 48-56- 34,976 vehicles
  • Sector 38 has the highest number of vehicles registered- 17,200
  • Having almost the same number of two wheeler and four wheeler
  • Sector 45 has around 16,244 registered conveyances
  • Sector 41 in Chandigarh has 13,798 vehicles
  • Sector 40 has almost 12,837 vehicles registered under RLA

The Rise and Rise of Wheels

Nowadays, nobody likes to travel by foot, even if they have to go to close by places. Every person has his/her own vehicle, whether its a two wheeler or a four wheeler. A single family in Chandigarh keep around two cars on an average and sometimes more than even two, whether they find a place for parking or not later on. As the number of people will increase in the city the number of automobiles will also rise up drastically, making the problem of parking even worse.

What Urban Planning Department Says about the rise in vehicles in Chandigarh

The Urban Planning Department of Chandigarh has been well aware of the problem of rising population and increasing number of vehicles in the city. The department has accumulated the data of registered vehicles in every sector from the Registration and Licensing Authority and, is trying to frame a “Community Parking Policy”. Under this policy the residents will be given the parking spaces of the public sector buildings like dispensaries, community centres and government buildings at the night time. The department is also looking forward to establish a shared parking system.

Source: TOI


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