Chandigarh | Vehicle Thefts Rise To 773 in Year 2017 | Police Recovers 115 Stolen Vehicles

Chandigarh is considered as one of the safest cities in India and the credibility of the city’s safety is continuously deteriorating from past few years. Be it women safety, child safety or even vehicle safety, Chandigarh is turning its way to disappointment among its residents. In 2016, 616 of vehicle thefts were reported and this year in 2017 the number has significantly increased to 733, leaving an edge for Chandigarh’s resident to ask questions regarding the safety in the city.

733 Vehicles Stolen in Chandigarh this Year 

Chandigarh has evidenced 733 vehicle thefts this year. According to the police reports and media reports, most of the vehicle thefts were accounted in the southern areas of Chandigarh. As of now, out of those 733 vehicles, only 115 vehicles have been recovered by Chandigarh Police. Also, the reports of vehicle thefts are maximum in the areas falling in and around sector 39 Police station. 99 reports of the stolen vehicle have been filed in the Sector 34 police station and 72 reports for the same have been filed from the areas under the jurisdiction of the Sector 36 Police station. Also, there have been 76 vehicle theft reports submitted from the sectors 17, 22, and 23 that fall under the jurisdiction of Sector 17 Police station.

This increase in the number of vehicle thefts in Chandigarh has raised a serious concern among the residents of the city. These high number of vehicle thefts this year in 2017 depicts the incapability of the Chandigarh police department and frames the grown insecurity in the city. The accounts of vehicle thefts were minimum in the area falling under Mauli Jagaran Police Station.

Is Chandigarh Safe Anymore? 

Evidencing these incidents, residents of the city are continuously asking a simple question that, is Chandigarh safe anymore? There have been continuous reports of rapes, vehicle setting on fire and vehicle thefts that have has the city residents to indulge in serious thinking. The city, that was once considered a peaceful and administered city has been flashing in the news of such horrible incidents. The Chandigarh Police department and the administration must take some actions to help gain the authenticity of security and peace back in the city.

Source – The Tribune


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