Chandigarh Witnesses First Foggy Day of the Season With Zero Visibility

Chandigarh witnessed the first foggy day of the winter season on 10th December 2016. From the last few days, the city has experienced a fall in the temperature and Saturday morning was all foggy for Chandigarhians. Winters have finally knocked on the door of the city beautiful Chandigarh. On the very 1st foggy day of the season, residence of Chandigarh encountered zero visibility.

The moment we opened the doors of our home, nature  surprised us with the beauty of dense fog covering everything in a wet blanket. Now Chandigarhians can truly say ‘Fogg chal raha hai’.

Effect of foggy day in Chandigarh

Winter season has hit Chandigarh hard on Saturday with fog. The first foggy day of the season has left the city with li’l knock of the winter season. As many of the cities of northern region have been under fog from past few days, Chandigarh also experienced a foggy, dewy morning today.

  • 15 flights were delayed and 3 were cancelled due to poor visibility.
  • Most of the trains were delayed on Delhi- Chandigarh route by half an hour including Shatabadis.
  • No trains were cancelled on Chandigarh route.
  • The day started on a very cold note.
  •  It was too difficult for everyone to drive vehicles on road which resulted in late attendance in offices.

Not only this, it has really left the lively city sleepy for more hours. The girls must have enjoyed beauty sleep, whereas the guys must have driven bullets enjoying the nip in the air.

Hill Stations Warmer than Chandigarh

Although whole northern region is gripped by the fog, Chandigarh seems to be most chilling of all. The temperature of Chandigarh has been recorded to be colder than Shimla. MET Department reported that the nights in Chandigarh are much colder than Shimla. Though Shimla is the nearest hill station, but the temperature of Chandigarh has really fallen down beating the normal temperature of the city. The MET Department issued warning of dense fog for the next 48 hours in the tricity on Thursday itself.

To avoid mishappenings during foggy days, Chandigarhians are advised to drive slow and keep the headlights of their vehicles on.


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