Chandigarh’s Famous PEC University of Technology Forced To Change Its Name by UGC | Here’s Why

Chandigarh-based PEC University of Technology has dropped the word ‘University’ from its name and has re-christened itself to become Punjab Engineering College. The famous and Chandigarh’s very own technical institution PEC churning out great engineers year after year has now changed its name from the existing ‘PEC University of Technology’ to its old name. The change in Chandigarh’s PEC University of Technology nomenclature has been introduced post the instructions issued by the higher authorities of UGC i.e. University Grants Commission based on its current rulings and norms for various other institutions like PEC-Chandigarh at a pan India level. Read on to know the details about the same.

PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh Changes Its Name As Per UGC Norms | Know Details 

University Grants Commission, UGC which is the higher education regulating body in India recently instructed more than 120 institutions across the nation including PEC-Chandigarh to drop the term ‘University’ from their names for they are only ‘deemed’ to be called as ‘varsities’ as per the UGC guidelines. The strict rules and regulations laid down by the UGC ‘forced’ PEC-Chandigarh to drop its University term & not the status as it has been recognised as a separate independent ‘deemed varsity’ by the UGC. Bengaluru’s Christ University also underwent similar kind of transformation wherein it also re-christened itself after the UGCs recent pull up in 2017.

Earlier, PEC-Chandigarh was called as ‘Punjab Engineering College’ when it was still under Panjab University before becoming an independent University post which it had changed its name to ‘PEC University of Technology’, Chandigarh. Restoring its old glory and nomenclature, PEC now has decided to call itself ‘Punjab Engineering College’ only.

UGC Directions To PEC-Chandigarh & Other Institutions | Here’s How Compliance Occurs

Not halting at this level, UGC had pointed out and pulled up various institutions who were using ‘University’ term in their nomenclature across the nation which includes prestigious ones like BIT-Mesra, Manipal University, PUSA-Delhi & many more apart from the PEC-Chandigarh. The last day to comply with the UGC norms and guidelines as issued to these higher education institutions including Chandigarh’s PEC was November 30, 2017 after granting them a month’s time frame to re-christen themselves after dropping the term ‘University’ from their current names.

After the compliance of these norms, UGC shall further seek a report from these institutions (PEC-Chandigarh) under its nose, based on which reviews shall be carried out thoroughly. Also, in case of defiance of compliance of UGC norms, by any of the aforesaid 123 institutions, UGC shall cancel the ‘deemed’ status of that particular institution as a consequence of flouting of UGC norms and guidelines.

Chandigarh based PEC has been one such prestigious technical institution which has left its foot imprints in the sands of times and such a drastic change in its nomenclature shall take some time to infilterate the minds and hearts of many who have been directly or indirectly associated with the esteemed Chandigarh’s ‘PEC University of Technology’ or we now say, Punjab Engineering College !!!

Source: NDTV


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