Chandigarh’s Sector 17 Subway To Get Painted In Colorful Murals

The Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi and the UT Administration is starting a brand new public initiative to make the dull and drab walls of Sector 17 Subway a vivid reflection of the City Beautiful. The academy is inviting artists to come and join the artistic project to turn the gloomy old walls of the Subway of Sector 17 into a great piece of art. Along with Sector 17, Sector 22 subway will also get colorful murals as both of these places are in a dingy state.

It’s Time To Paint Chandigarh Bright!

Chandigarh’s old, dull and grey veins of walls are going get infused with deep bold expressive colors forever. The magic of art can blow life into anything and everything. It is so powerful that it does not need words to express itself but still can tell thousand stories. The theme that the Lalit Kala Akademi has prepared to make the murals on is “Chandigarh & its many faces”.

The Chandigarh Administration has chosen the areas that see a lot of commotion everyday, the transit zones of Sector 17 and Sector 22. People from different places come to this place and seeing vivid art murals at these places will immediately lift up their mood and delight them. With this new approach the administration is trying to bring people closer to art tell them how powerful this medium can be to make us feel good in every day life.

Artists Are Invited

The Lalit Kala Akademi will welcome artists that will be interested in joining the initiative. Sticking to the given theme, artists are free to experiment and chose any medium to paint the murals, although enamel paint is suggested as it can take harsh rains and sun rays for long. CLKA will be funding the whole project and will also choose two designs for prizes.

In the coming future, Chandigarh Administration is thinking of adorning the City Beautiful with similar type of projects. Hopefully, the walls of Sector 11, Sector 15 and Punjab University will also get jazzed up with artistic murals. UT Guest house, Lake and some parks around the city will also get covered in artworks.

Source: The Indian Express

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