Chandigarh’s Shocking Blue Whale Connection | 14 School Kids Confess Playing The Suicidal Game

Chandigarh’s shocking connection with the Blue Whale Challenge which is an ongoing menace on social media these days found around 14 school children playing the suicidal game belonging to Chandigarh, Panchkula tricity region. After the recent suicide of the a teenage boy of Class 10th DAV School Sector 8, Chandigarh residing in Panchkula due to the Blue Whale online Game, cyber crime cell & cops have started to investigate further the children of the same school to avoid any further loss. In the investigation, police officials with the aid of school teachers were able to spot around 11 children who were trapped in the Blue Whale Challenge besides three more children stepping forward to admit on their own to have played quite a few levels of the deadly Blue Whale Game.

Chandigarh’s Blue Whale Challenge Connection | 1 out of 3 Students Confessed To Have Reached 49th Level

The three students belonging from the same Chandigarh school have been identified by their teachers playing and actively involved in the horrifying Blue Whale Game which has claimed over a hundred lives worldwide with recent teen death being reported from Chandigarh only. The identification was done on the basis of counselling sessions conducted by the authorities in the school premises wherein two of the students were revealed by their friends who belonged to the same social group online admitted to have been an active participant of the Blue Whale Challenge via same group. The Game was being circulated and students had already undertaken a few levels of the brutal Blue Whale Challenge which demanded the players’ death as a winning technique in the last level of the game to declare him the winner.

The shocking part of the recent Blue Whale Game’s Chandigarh connection revealed a student who himself stepped forward in revealing to have played the 49th level of the online suicidal game. He further stated to have not only reached the last levels but also have survived the previous challenging tasks which the Blue whale game curator assigned to the Chandigarh boy. ¬†Chandigarh Police is trying to probe the matter further and have deeper revelations as to what kind of tasks of self harm have already been undertaken by these students under the hypnotic effect of the Blue Whale Game.

Blue Whale Effect | Chandigarh Police Warns Parents & School Authorities To Observe Behaviour of Children

The police officials from Chandigarh Police Department have already issued warnings to parents & school authorities including teachers to observe the behaviour of children. Police officials fear the involvement of the unscrupulous curator/admin of the Blue Whale Game to have advised the students who were trapped in the challenge to have behaved happier than usual and normal even though they are depressed from inside in order to not to reveal details about the game. As revealed by deceased Karan, Class 10th student who allegedly committed suicide under the Blue Whale effect, he did not seem depressed and was quite happy which Chandigarh police suspects to be one of the tasks of Blue Whale Challenge.

Police has even warned the parents about the siblings of the children who admitted to have played to the Blue Whale Game to keep a close watch on their children along with the school authorities. Also, in the case parents or teachers find the app of the Blue Whale Game are notified to confiscate the mobile phones with immediate effect and submit it to the nearest police station without putting it off.

It is re-iterated to the Chandigarh people to have a safe watch on their near and dear ones especially the teenager population and save them from the menace spread by the deadly Blue Whale Game online.

Source : TOI


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