Chandigarh’s Women Police Stations to Handle all Women Cases Now Onwards

Chandigarh Women Police got new wings to deal with women-related crimes. UT Administration has planned to extend the wings of Women Police Stations in the city and give them additional responsibility. Chandigarh Women Police has got the responsibility to deal with all the women related cases in the city. UT Administration has rolled the notification that from now onwards, all the offences related to girls in the city will be dealt by Women Police. The decision has been taken to empower the Women Police to fight against the rising number of crimes against women in Chandigarh.

And the good decision

In few years, the crime against women in Chandigarh have increased a lot and in most of the cases, it remain unsolve or no actions have been taken against the criminals. To ensure the quick action against the criminals of the crime against women UT has taken such decision. As per new decision, Chandigarh Women Police will be dealing cases under-

  • Section 316 (Causing the death of a quick unborn child by act amounting to culpable homicide).
  • Section 315 (Act done with intent to prevent child being alive or cause it to die after death).
  • Section 314 (Death caused by act done with the intent to cause miscarriage if act done without woman’s consent)
  • Section 313 (Causing miscarriage without woman’s consent).

Apart from these, Chandigarh Women Police will also handle cases like- Acid attack, Kidnapping, abducting a woman to compel her marriage and pertaining to rape and sexual offences under POSCO Act 2012.

The current scenario

As per the current situation, Chandigarh Women Police Stations only deals with the dowry related cases of Women in the city. Till now Women Police of the city, only has the right to solve the cases regarding the dowry and counsel for the same. But with the decision UT Administration wants them to be a nodal agency to raise awareness on offences against women and children through women education.

The women battle is getting in the city to fight against all the evil. We hope the city beautiful be even more safe for the women.


Gurjit Kaur

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