The Sad Demise Of Channel ‘V’ | Another Hit For The 90’s Children

Channel V has a deep connection with every child who grew up in the 90’s. As the news of Channel V going off air spread wild like forest fire, every child who grew up in the 90’s definitely went through some sort of mental breakdown. Channel V was the entertainer before social media and mobile phones took over and it going off air was something not everybody can deal with normally. Star India which has decided to pull the plug for the 90’s favorite Channel V and thus replace it with a Kannada Sports Channel.

Channel V Goes Off Air | Know What’s Next 

Children born in the 90’s growing up with Channel V which was comparatively more realistic and rich in terms of content and relevance back then. Star India which has revealed its intention of shutting down Channel V and thus replacing it with a Kannada Sports Channel is something which has left a large chunk of the middle-aged group half-hearted and sad. Channel ‘V’ which was a home to many of the 90’s generation favorite VJ’s and subsequently brought the children their loved genre and dose of music is being replaced.

Yes, this might come as one of the most cruel nightmares to many out there but is actually true owing to the changing choices and tastes of people resulting in fluctuating TRP’s. Purab Kohli, Nikhil Chinappa, Anusha and many other established stars of the present scenario first laid their steps on Channel V as well.

The Memorable Channel V Shows

Every 90’s child out there was hard hit by the reality when reports of Channel V going off air flooded the television and internet. Channel ‘V’ which was actually the YouTube of every middle-aged person right now who is left sad after hearing the reports of Channel V going off air soon. Lola Kutty, VIVA and AASMA as well as Gumrah were some of the popular shows which aired on Channel V.

Channel V leaving is an inevitable fact which cannot be ignored. All we can do is thank Channel V for bestowing upon some of the best things on our childhood which will be cherished lifelong.


Tulika Gupta

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