Chaska Duet 2 By Badal Talwan And Sudesh Kumari | Official Video

Badal Talwan and Sudesh Kumari’s duet song Chaska Duet 2 is trending on Youtube and is being heard on repeat-mode across the digital platform. Badal Talwan and popular Punjabi singer Sudesh Kumari’s duet song Chaska Duet 2 is a peep inside the folk tunes of Punjab and touches the musical chord of your heart and synchronizes well with the brain to offer a harmonious experience to music lovers.

Chaska duet 2 by Badal Talwan and Sudesh Kumari

Though the song titled ‘Chaska duet 2’ doesn’t have a single line where the word ‘Chaska’  has been used yet, the song attracts the music lovers due to its engrossing composition and lyrics. The song Chaska Duet 2 sung by Sudesh Kumari and Badal Talwan has been penned down by the singer Badal Talwan himself and the lyrics have been beautifully weaved in a musical song by music composer Aman Hayer.

The instruments used in the song makes the composition musical and gives the song Chaska duet 2 a rustic yet contemporary touch. The song opens with the stanza, ‘Khabbi Akh Fadakdi Meri Ve Ajj Khair Ni Lagdi Teri Ve, Katha Ho Geya Kodhma Ve Tu Kidhre Ho ja Aase Paawe, Ho Jaan Bach Di Bacha Lai Ve, Bhai Mere Chand De Firan Gandaase the translation of which would mean where the girl tells her lover that she is not getting good vibes and has this institution that something wrong will happen to him. She warns him that all her relatives have gathered and he must hide somewhere to save his life as her brothers are sharpening their sharp-edged weapons.

Badal Talwan and Sudesh Kumari Chaska 2 Duet 

Chaska Duet 2

Title – Chaska Duet 2

Artist – Badal Talwan & Sudesh Kumari

Music – Aman Hayer

Lyrics – Badal Talwan

Video – Simar Pangli

Productions Label – Aman Hayer Productions

The Addiction | Official Video – Chaska 

The music makes the song Chaska duet 2 foot-tapping while the voice rendered by Badal Talwan & Sudesh Kumari makes it worth listening. The music has been so beautifully merged with the singer’s voice that it creates a harmonious aura and magnetizes the listeners.

The video of the song Chaska Duet 2 is an engrossing amalgamation of music, lyrics and beautiful sceneries. The essence of the lyrics is so well preserved in the song that it is poised to receive appriciation.


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